A Whirlwind of Blessings

This past week has been incredible. As I mentioned before we spent last week moving into a new apartment with a much better landlord... this apartment is beyond amazing. Now of course we have neighbors above us so we have to get used to the creaking of floors and such, but beyond that it is SO much better than our previous home. Boogie's room is much much bigger, we have a normal sized kitchen, a back patio with a fence... and we are finally moved in and everything is unpacked (with the exception of some decor). We love it! I'm sure you could tell from pictures of Boogie in our old apartment that her toys had overrun the living room... well in our new apartment her room is big enough to fit almost ALL of her toys, including her new kitchen! We have one shelf of toys and a few of her bigger toys in the living room, but other than that everything is in her room. It's amazing having a living room not cluttered with a multitude of toys!

If you have read my posts then you know that in December a new company took over the food services department that J works in and he got promoted to a cook's position at that time. You also know then that J has been working towards getting his certification as a CDM (certified Dietary Manager) and completed the class in December. Now we are just waiting for him to complete the exam in October. Well, this past week a position opened up for the Assistant Manager in the same department he was working in (I think the technical job name is Production Manager or something like that) so he decided to apply for it. We were hesitant to get excited because we didn't know if they would be willing to hire him without having his certification complete. We were hopeful though because it would mean significant pay increase and better benefits..... well J got the job! I'm so proud of him! He's worked so hard to get here and he has a lot more work ahead of him, but this is a step in the right direction. He's gone a lot now because of his new schedule, but like I told him last night, it won't be like this forever. Currently he works from about 8:30am-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then he works 5:30am-6pm on Fridays and Saturdays. He's off Sundays and Mondays thankfully. Another exciting thing about this new job is that once his certification is complete he will have the opportunity within the company to get a CDM position, this company is spread across the East coast, so we could go anywhere!

Boogie is doing so well with all these changes we've made. She's really grown a lot in the past week and has learned more and more new words. She completely blows my mind most days with how much she learns so quickly. My favorite words she says right now is "milk, please?" and she signs it at the same time. It comes out more as "milk, pwease", but it's SO cute. Love her!

I will take some pics of our new apartment as soon as I can, and hopefully I'll get some pics of my girl as well. Until then.... God bless!

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Amber said...

Congrats! That is so exciting...a new apartment, a new job! Can't wait to see pictures!