4 Years of Blogging!

I realized today that I have officially been blogging for four years! When I started this blog we were planning a move to a new state, hadn't even been married for a year and were learning what it's like to be husband and wife. It's amazing what four years can do in a young couple's life! J has come so far in his career path, we've had a beautiful little girl who continues to grow, learn, and surprise me everyday.... and I couldn't be happier.

We're facing a lot of changes in this upcoming year, and while it's incredibly exciting it's also incredibly terrifying. J will be completing his certification in October and will start looking for a CDM job immediately. We'd love to stay right here in our beautiful mountains, but realistically we know that in order to do what's best for our family we may have to make the choice to move. This is also my last semester of school for now. I am still lacking 3 classes to get my Associates but J and I have decided that it's time to take a break and focus on our family. I'm not looking forward to starting payments on my student loans (actually I'm absolutely terrified), but it has to be done and we will get through it!

This summer we are hoping to transition Boogie into a big girl bed, she is finally sleeping through the night! She just randomly started sleeping last Saturday... there have been two nights since then where she woke up one or two times but it didn't take much to get her back to sleep! It's incredible getting so much sleep! We tried so many different things to get Boogie to sleep and the more we tried the more she fought us.... so as I had told J over and over again, I had high hopes that she would just figure it out on her own. So ha! I was right! ;-)

Another thing we are hoping to do is to get a family pass through our local nature center (if you are unfamiliar with what that is, it's basically a small zoo with animals found in our 'part of the woods'), it will give us a huge discount and even free entry into many zoos and aquariums all over the country. Now, we definitely won't be traveling all over the country, but there are several participating zoos within a 2-3 hour drive from us. Boogie loved the aquarium we took her too on our mini vacation a few months ago, so I know this will be a great treat for her this summer!

We are also looking forward to really diving into "Tot School"... basically preschool for homeschoolers! I have a lot of fun activities and such that I want to do with Boogie, we have already made her magnet/chalk board and have purchased the Leapfrog Alphabet toy, a batch of numbers (which actually includes math symbols and things which will be great for later on!), and some Melissa and Doug Animals. Boogie loves to learn, she loves to read, she loves to color and explore.... so I have high hopes that she will enjoy some of the things I have planned!

Other than that I don't have anything to share! May is coming up soon, so I will be working on my book post (aka What's On Your Nightstand?), and I'm going to start my Five Question Friday posts again tomorrow. I'm hoping to start updating a lot more, especially since I won't have school to weight me down, and I want to post more updates on Boogie for family members because I'm taking a step back from Facebook. Not leaving... just not going on there all the time like I had been. Anyways, that's it for now!

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