MIA.... yet again. Oops!

I've been a terrible, no-good blogger lately... sorry! Things have been hectic these past few weeks. Not much been happening but Boogie has just been weird lately. She's extra clingy, doesn't want to play... but she's not sick and as far as I can tell she's not teething. Totally weird. She's eating fine... sleeping like "normal", at least normal for HER. I honestly don't have any hopes that she will be sleeping through the night any time soon. Oh joy! She doesn't even nurse at night anymore, at least not most nights. Occasionally if I'm having a really hard time getting her back to sleep then I let her nurse, but typically she only nurses before her nap and before bedtime.

We totally missed out on any kind of Easter celebrations with Boogie. We did some finger painting the week before and ATTEMPTED to make sugar cookies, and that was an epic fail. Then Boogie was sick the weekend of Easter so we missed church and had to cancel our family get together (we invited both sets of grandparents to my mom's to celebrate Boogie's 2nd Easter). So we didn't do an egg hunt, we didn't dye eggs.... nothing. Hopefully all will be well NEXT year!

The week before Easter we did manage to get some great pics of Boogie in her Easter dress though! Woo! So.... here you go!

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