Crazy Busy with a Crazy Toddler

Whew! These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy, to say the least. J was promoted, Boogie cut a couple thousand new teeth (obviously I'm exaggerating, but it was NOT fun), we welcomed a sweet sweet little 3 month old boy into our home to play 2 days a week.... we're settling into our apartment.... getting into confrontations with our neighbors about parking spaces (yea, really. it's insane) and fighting to get the deposit back from our old apartment. Yikes! Anyways, so yes. It's been a crazy few weeks. But enough of that! Let's talk about my girl!

Boogie turned 15 months old on the 28th and we went to her 15 month check up on the 29th. She weighs 21 lbs and is 30.5 inches tall, she is coming along swimmingly :-D Her vocabulary is exploding, she astounds me on a daily basis... today she tried to say octopus but it came out more like "pictopus" lol. We are slowly transitioning into our summer clothes, although most of hers are VERY big on her. She still fits pretty well into her 18 month sizes, but the majority of her summer clothes are 24 months or 2T, however, I'm sure they will fit better in the next few months when she'll need them more! We have started working on the alphabet and naming animals, she's pretty good at naming a few animals and she can identify a few of the letters thanks to this awesome Leapfrong Fridge Magnet Phonics thing we bought. Speaking of which.... thanks to pinterest we decided to buy an oil drip pan to use as a magnet board. I also spray painted it with chalkboard paint, so it doubles as a chalk board! It's awesome! Anyways, yea, so she is working on that. She can point out a large amount of body parts (eyes, nose, ears, head, hair, etc.) and has started putting words with her signs. So in the middle of the night she knows if she says "milk, pwease.... pwetty pwetty pwease" that I can't say no. Geez. What else? She's becoming very very VERY independent. She does NOT like to hold hands, does NOT like to be held, does NOT like to be worn (although she settles down once she's comfortable), does NOT like any kind of help.... unless she says, "help?" Ay yi yi! My girl is growing up!

Alright... enough talk. Here are some pics of our life the past few weeks.... please excuse the ginormous mess of dishes in the kitchen, I promise I washed them RIGHT after taking pictures. Really.... I did. And there are some photos of the day we spent some time with our favorite Flint Monsters!

And mobile photos... so the quality isn't as great but...

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Samantha said...

The new place looks beautiful!!! Elah sounds like such a smart girl!