For the first time in months... I am totally content. What a wonderful feeling! We have a house. Well, it's a trailer... but it's ours to fix up as we please! It's in rough shape, but we can paint, put new floors down, anything we want to do! The couple that owns the place are friends of the family, a coworker of moms & fellow churchmembers... and they ROCK. Anything we do to the house will come out of our rent, so if we put 150 in, we pay 150 less on our rent. We don't have to pay ANYTHING until november 1 because of how much work we have to put into it... and I am so excited! We're hoping to get some paint tomorrow, and possibly some hardware for the kitchen cabinents and some of the drawers in the smaller bedroom... after that we want to get new linoleum for the kitchen & bathroom and possibly find some long rugs to put in the hallway! Once everything is fixed up we're going to have a cookout... and JANELLE you and your children are invited for smores & a campout :-D. (Miss Joyann has been bugging me for WEEKS about a campout!) That's really all for now, I'm sure at some point I'll post pictures of our progress... but it's pretty icky right now. So maybe no pictures until we're done! HA!

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