It's 2am... and I have to be up in 5 hrs to get ready for school (and stop at the grocery store for cough medicine... ick). I am exhausted, but I think I'm so exhausted that I can't go to sleep, and frankly that STINKS! Our new home (well new to us) is slowly coming together. Justin mowed and weedeated today, and that made a huge difference, but he's going to pressure wash the exterior walls to get some grime off of them, yuck. Tomorrow, we start painting. Mom helped us pick out the paint, we got a creamy whitish kind of color for our room - my bedspread is a vintage lacey looking comforter in black and creamy whitish vanillaish.... I don't know what it's called, ha! The living room/kitchen/dining room/hall/office will be a light light blue, it's almost white it's so light, but it's bright and cheerful! If the place wasn't so mall I would have picked BLAM! in your face kind of colors, because I like BLAM! in your face colors... like red, yellow, navy blue, yea. But it IS small, and we need it to not feel so small, lol!

In other news, my amazing friend found out she is have twin boys today... yay :-) They have one diva and 2 boys already... but as I said before... 1 diva (or pouty princess) is enough! Ha! I'm excited to meet their precious little ones, what a blessing! Justin and I have been talking A LOT about babies, especially since Janelle got pregnant. We talk about names, how we would decorate their rooms, etc. These are the names we like (for 4 kids.... are we crazy? ha!). For the boys, we like: Cooper Liam - we just like both of those names, Gibson Frank - the first name is a brand of a guitar that I LOOOOOOOVE and Frank is my paternal grandfather's name, Finley "Finn" Joseph - Finn is a name I fell in love with in Montreat and Joseph is my dad's name, and Elias Noble - Elias is just a great name, it's similar to Elijah in the bible and Noble is my mother's maiden name but we also wanted to name one son after my maternal grandfather... but Stephen and Kiesling aren't our favorites, ha! For girls we like Olivia Grace - beautiful names, Chloe Elisabeth - J just loves Chloe for a girl, and Elisabeth is my paternal grandmother's middle name but with an S instead of a Z, Isla Hope - pronounced EE-Luh is a name I love, a girl I babysat had this name and I just loved it and I also love Hope, Lillian Ann - Lillian is my maternal grandma's first name and Ann is a shortened version of WillAnn, which is Justin's maternal grandmother's name. Yea.... we talk about that a lot, lol! We also decided that for our first child, if we have a boy we want to decorate the nursery with sailboats and light houses! If we have a girl for our first child, we want to decorate with polka dots of bright pink and green. So pretty much, we have NO life.

Anyways, I think now that I have typed about absolute random nonsense, I'll try to lay down and go back to sleep.


"The time has come," the walrus said, "To talk of other things, of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabagges and kings, and while the see is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings."

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