Puppies, Painting and Problems

Mudgett is his name. And I want him to be MINE! We filled out the paperwork yesterday, and they are just waiting to hear from Snicker's vet to confirm we are responsible "parents"... and then he's ours! Woo Woo! Snickers will be a big sister! Yay! He's a mutt to be honest... he is a beagle, dachshund, chihuahua, pug mix.... what a mouthful! Let's call him a... Deagle Chug. So we have a Doodle & a Deagle Chug :-D (Snickers is a Dachshund/Poodle mix).
So other than that exciting news, we have begun our journey of "remodeling" our trailer. Ann & Eddie (our landlords) are letting us do whatever we want to the trailer... so these are our plans ::cue dramatic music::. We have been painting A LOT. The kitchen, living room and hall are a really really light blue, really brightens the place up. And the bedrooms will be a creamy vanilla whitish color? It matches my bedspread, lol. We are getting vinyl squares that look like dark stone for the bathroom and kitchen, and tomorrow we are going to a few places to get prices on carpet and installation. We are going to paint the kitchen cabinents white, and we are replacing all the yucky black light switches and sockets with pretty new whites ones, hahah! We are also planning a few other things, but we haven't really decided about those yet... so that will be another blog on another day.
We do have a problem though. A mouse. I'm not afraid of mice... but I don't want mice in my house. I was changing clothes in the bathroom today, and as I was putting on my shorts the mouse ran right under my legs..... holy freakn crap. Scared the CRAP out of me! That's the only thing I don't like about mice... they come out when you least expect them too! AH! So he's under the washer somewhere... I have to figure out who this fella got in so we don't have anymore of them. I told Justin that we HAVE to catch him and let him free outside... FAR from our house... I DO NOT kill animals, no matter if it's a tiny mouse or a deer. Not happening, sorry! He's a defenseless animal just trying to survive... no need to harm him, lol. Although, I'm sure I might have given him a heart attack when I yelled... ugh. So yea. That's our main dilemma right now. Anyone have any ideas of how we could humanely catch our little mouse friend?

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