18 Months

Today was (finally) Boogie's 18 month well visit, overall she's doing fantastic! She did NOT handle the appointment well this time however, she KNEW what was coming and was NOT happy about that. Ay yi yi! Anyways, her pediatrician (who I adore by the way... she's totally supportive of ALL of our parenting decisions, which I appreciate) said while she is a pee-wee, she is growing very well for an active toddler who eats ALL OF THE TIME. Seriously, this kid can down some oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast!

Boogie weighed 21.4lbs WITH her clothes and shoes on (that includes a cloth diaper), so it was probably just under 21 nudey. She was also 31.25" tall, so she's grown about 3/4" since her 15 month well visit. She is in 24/2T clothing, and a 4 or 4.5 shoe... now if she would just grow into a 5 it would be easier to find her some darn shoes! In a normal pocket diaper (like a Go Green or Kawaii) she is still in the smallest snap setting, but for Happy Heinys and some of the Go Green Champs she is in the largest setting... how funny is that? Her ped. complimented on how well she talks and communicates and gave us lots of tips to help with some of her temper tantrum habits and how to handle the new changes coming our way!

Here are some recent photos of our girl!
Checking out the tomatoes with the neighbor

She loves her new Minnie Bear!


This is the face I get when she's tired of pictures!

No nap? She lost that fight lol!

Our ginormous zucchini! It was as big as Boogie!

Our new favorite bath time activity... shaving cream paint!

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NohaEl. said...

OMG she is adorable :-) I didn't know u were expecting, congrats mama :) how awesome, and u r already half way through.... good luck with everything.