Summer Blog Challenge, Day 47-52

Going Green with the Grizls

Day 47: A random act of kindness.

This is a hard one, because with Boogie and I pretty much stuck in the house most days there aren't many chances to do a random act of kindness. I will say that the few times Elah and I have gone out I am always at the ready to help another mom in need... you know when you're alone with your kid(s) and you're pushing a cart or stroller and need to open the door at the same time? It drives me crazy when people walk right on by, go in, and don't even offer to hold the door for you! So I do that every chance I get... I help pick up items that are dropped when a mom needs an extra hand... anything like that! I know it's something I would appreciate in that moment!

Day 48: 5 things to do if the power goes out.

Well this could be 5 things you NEED to do, or 5 things to do to stay busy... so I'll do both.

5 Things you need: Flashlights, batteries, non-perishables to eat/snack on, water, and blankets (especially in cooler months)

5 Things to do with TODDLERS (since that's what I have, lol): Color with crayons and paper/coloring books, read books, count/stack/identify colors with Melissa & Doug Ring Stacker (one of Boogie's favorites), identify shapes/colors and sort into slots with Melissa & Dough Shape Sorter (another favorite), and puzzles!

Day 49: If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change?

Maternity AND Paternity laws. I think mothers should be allowed to stay home with their infants for one FULL year with at least 75% pay, this would encourage breastfeeding and more bonding moments for families. I also think fathers should be allowed 6 months at 75-100% pay so that they can also bond and help at home for those first few months. Even 3 months at full pay would be amazing!

Day 50: What would you do with the $ if you won the lottery?

Pay off our car and college debt, fix mom's car, buy a 2nd vehicle and purchase a home of our own. The rest would go into savings for later (and college) and maybe a vacation for our little family next year.

Day 51: Talk about a free activity to do with children.

Sing sing sing... one of our favorite free activities to do is sing silly songs. Sure, I could say go to the park or whatever, but what about rainy days? Elah loves "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and I can entertain her for HOURS just singing songs and playing guitar.

Day 52: What's your best gardening tip?

I don't really have any, though I will say that if you have never had a vegetable garden then you should try it! We've had an abundance of zucchini this year... and we're even growing a few pumpkins!

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