The Many Adventures of Boogie

It's hard lately to find time to go out and do things as a family, especially considering how much J has been working lately... but in the past week we managed to make it out to the zoo, attend a local festival (although I didn't quite enjoy it this year), and we had a picnic and walked around the lake today! Boogie loves when Daddy is home and can spend the day with her... I enjoy it to because I get to sleep in! The further along I get in this pregnancy, the more uncomfortable sleep is... but those few hours of extra sleep in the morning sure help!

So, like I said, one of the adventures we went on last week was a trip to the NC Zoo. It was huge. Probably wasn't the best plan, because I got pretty sore halfway through but Boogie thoroughly enjoyed the day! It did make it easier that my in-laws tagged along, Boogie pretty much wanted to just boss them around the entire time so it gave J and I a bit of a break while we enjoyed the zoo as well. The first animal we saw were the alligators, so the rest of the day all Boogie could talk about were the alligators. "Awwigator!? Where are you?" "Where awwigator?" "Daddy... find awwigator!" Ha! Here are a few pictures from our trip:

She was ready to go!

This is when she spotted the "awwigators"

She really liked the sea lions that swam in this tank.... until she looked one way and one of them swam from the opposite direction and scared her!

Can you see the newborn? She was born the day before we visited.... AND the momma  breastfed her  little one while I was taking pictures! May not sound exciting to you... but I was thrilled to see!

When we got about 20 minutes into Africa Boogie "pooped out"... she was exhausted!

FYI, she's not sweating... we dribbled water on her head to cool her off before she zonked out!

Hard to see, but this baby giraffe was born the week before we visited! How cool!

The zoo was a LOT of fun and Boogie had a great time! We skipped part of Africa where the lions, lynx, and etc were because we were all pooped and Boogie was STILL asleep. We're planning on getting passes from a local nature center that gives us discounts and free entry into a ton of zoos and museums all over this part of the USA next year!

Today we went to the lake and had a picnic and let Boogie run around the track and look for ducks... 
Eating lunch

She was yelling, "Ducks! Hey ducks! Where are you ducks?!"

"Run, daddy!"

She wanted more of her "tater sticks" aka Organic Potato Straw things... whatever they're called.

Awful pic, thanks honey! But there's me at 25 weeks 1 day and my girl! 

We'll have to go to the lake more often, there's another one in another town over that I prefer, it's smaller and has we may do that next week! I'm very thankful we got to spend some time with J and found time between laundry and cleaning and getting ready for Bubby to have some fun! Of course... we always manage to have fun at home too!

Piggy tails!

Wearing daddy's socks

I'm in so much trouble with this little diva!

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