Feeling Out of Sorts

As the title says... I'm just feeling all out of sorts today. Boogie is inching closer and closer to two years old and the closer she gets to the terrible twos the naughtier and more mischievous she becomes. Today she is driving me INSANE. I'm at a complete loss as to what I am supposed to do with her. I refuse to be a parent who spanks her children... say what you want, but I think it's wrong. Time outs seem to work most of the time, but when she's in the mood she is in today, time outs just make her laugh. Which in turn just makes me even more frustrated then I already was!

Trying to get my endless amount of homework done today has been absolutely horrendous. I've resorted to watching movies ALL DAY. I never do that with her unless we're not feeling well. I hate doing that. I hate using the TV as a "babysitter" as many would call it. I know she doesn't understand why mommy is reading and taking notes and on the computer all the time, so I try to take breaks (like I am now... although she decided this time she didn't want to play with mommy... hence this blog post) and spend one on one time with her.

The words "stop" and "no" are completely pointless around here. They make no difference to her if she is told that. Sitting her in timeout and explaining with positive words why she shouldn't do something is pointless because she just giggles and laughs and says "mommy.... mommy.... mommy." She got in trouble for hitting me today, that was the only time she cried over getting in trouble. However, I was in tears because she really did HURT me and I think that upset her more than actually being put in timeout and being told why hitting is something we do not do.

So I've got all of these toddler things going on, endless amounts of schoolwork to be done... the house is an absolute disaster because frankly at the moment I don't have time. Thankfully J is wonderful and he understands and tries to help. And really, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I'm missing my friends who just aren't around anymore, I'm missing my clean house that I kept up with all summer, I'm tired of being stuck inside with this crazy monster child of mine (I say that in love, I call her my monster all of the time), and I'm over being pregnant. Bubby's due date needs to just come on faster than it already has because then I'll be pretty much done with classes, we'll be closer to Christmas, and the faster we get done with Boogie's 2nd birthday then the closer we will be to being done with these terrible twos. I hope. I don't like rushing life, it goes by fast enough as it is... but I'm tired. And frustrated. And a little lonely. I miss my husband being home more. I miss cool weather without mosquitoes attacking, and I miss the ease of toting Boogie around in a wrap when I want to go out... which is still possible, but not as comfortable the larger Bubby gets.

And that's it really. I just needed to vent and escape homework for 10 minutes. On a more positive note, I checked my mailbox around lunchtime and my coupons for the UnReal Candy arrived! I headed to CVS to get the candy and they were on sale for 2 for $2, so I got all 5 flavors to try and review! I even have some leftover coupons, so we'll see if I decide to keep them or give them away ;-)


Korey said...

Oh Sarah I am right here with you! I totally understand. This age is so difficult, and we also do not spank so we find it very difficult to deal with the break downs, tantrums etc.

Have you read the Discipline Book by Dr. Sears? I found it has some helpful ideas but Kalilah is a little too young, however Elah is at the right age. Just hang in there!

NohaEl. said...

i totally understand this post, every word, No and Stop mean nothing in our house either, Loui does what he wants, I also hate it when I turn the TV to keep him busy for a bit, but he doesn't really pay it any attention though, hang in there momma, I am hoping they behave better soon :)