Desperate for Sleep

I am at a complete loss. It doesn't matter what time this child goes to bed... either a noisy neighbor is waking her up or she's getting up at her own at 5am every freaking morning. I'm exhausted. Granted, J gets up with Boogie most mornings, but on his double shift days I do. I stay up doing homework, and at this stage in my pregnancy I'm not sleeping well anymore. I toss and turn (or should I say flop? because that's what it feels like now) all night, I don't have a restful sleep... I'm burnt out. I'm short with her, I'm impatient with her, I snap at her.... and I HATE that. She doesn't understand obviously but she does know that mommy is upset and somehow it's her fault. So she gets upset and then has a bad rest of the day. What do I do? How can we get her to sleep longer? We've tried earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, making her room dark, allowing the hall light in her room, later naps, earlier naps.... nothing is working! What am I going to do when I'm awake every few hours with Bubby and even more tired than I am now and she does this?

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