Almost Christmas

Basically I screwed up. Justin and I are trying a new way of keeping track of our checking balance because no matter how well I keep up with our spending/bills etc.... I'm always off. ALWAYS. So I started putting everything in a spreadsheet so that it would automatically deduct the spent or deposited amount.... so its always accurate. All I have to do is enter in the information. Well, generally I do. Except when I went to the doctor. I wrote a check, and I don't have the checks with the copies attached to them... and lucky for me the printer wasn't working at the office, so I didn't get a receipt either. So ofcourse, me being me.... I didn't record it in the spreadsheet. BAM. We're short after payinig bills. Fantastic. THEN. I get a notice from a national bank that we used in TN and still have open for savings, but we have NOT used it in MONTHS.... saying that we overdrew our account..... so I investigate afraid that my debit card has been stolen. No. I used the WRONG card one day. So not only are we short in our regular checking account, we are now overdrawn in our OLD account and have to pay a ginormous fee because they sent the notice to the wrong address (even though we have called to change the mailing address I can't even tell you how many times) and it was forwarded to the right address.... giving a delay of about 4 days. UGH.

So stressed is probably a good way to describe me right now. Everything will be worked out today, but geez. That's money down the drain we could have used for gas and groceries because I messed up. Bah.

I hate dealing with money... if only my honey was money savvy....

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af said...

Randomly found your blog....
take a look at it is great for tracking what you've spent. only downfall is you cant track cash.