Exams, Chaos, Christmas, Babies... and BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Whoo! I tell you what... this week is a DOOZY! Ha! Let me recap for all of you slow pokes out there in cyber world. Last exam TODAY. (BTW I have gotten ALL A's on my exams except for one.... THAT one we are NOT discussing lol). Babysat the Flint monsters on Monday night.... woke up Tuesday morning and got on facebook and WHOA! Janelle's water broke. I think to myself... "WHAT! I was JUST there!" LOL. (ps janelle - is it not funny that the one time you actually use a motorized scooter and NOT walk is the time your boys decide to prepare to meet the world... i just thought that was ironic!). Went to CR last night and NOBODY was there until about 15 after 6... and then I only had ONE kid out of the 12 that typically come (not complaining... but it was wierd). Then today I find out that only family members are allowed in the area of the hospital that Janelle is at (bummer) so I have to find a way to get her a goody bag I concocted for her... hehe.

Janelle's "Ahhh! I'm having more babies!" Goody Bag Contents:
  • Cosmos & Redbooks.... I am obsessed with cosmo magazines... my father in law calls them soft porn... I call them hilarious entertainment. I mean really, c'mon. Don't tell me you've never read the sex "tips" and anecdotes and didn't laugh your head off?
  • Karen Kingsbury books & one other that was really good that I don't know who the author is. Seriously... best Christian fiction author EVER.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (for the family & for a Christian)... funny/inspirational stories. What could be better?
  • Nintendo DS w/like 6 or 7 games (and like 3 games preinstalled). Yes I'm a nerd. Yes I play video games. But like seriously... what better to keep you entertained while you are on bedrest? She can play tetris, test her brain with brain age, be a detective on CSI, have adventures with pink hair on mysims, play doctor on Grey's anatomy... etc etc. VERY entertaining ;-)
  • UNO.... it's UNO... uno is FUN.
  • Deck of Clear Cards. Yes, they are clear. Yes, they are the epitomy of awesomeness... yes I am a dork.
  • Yarn/Looms/Scissors.... all that's missing is the instruction book... and I'm working on that!
  • FOOD! I included Pumpkin Bread (courtesy of Janelle actually... she got me hooked on the box of mixes from Aldi), Orange! Apple! YUMMY FRUIT!
If that doesn't keep her busy, I'm sure it will atleast give her a good laugh :-D
So now... my next few days will consist of assisting Janelle's mom, Brenda, with the Flint monsters, helping put up Christmas decorations... and moving all of the Flint belongings to their new house... Janelle your boys have such good timing! lol Just Kidding!
James and Jonathan must be very excited to meet their crazy brothers and sister... or perhaps they just decided they didn't want to wait until 2o10 to be here for Christmas... either way they're coming!

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