Hyper Hyper Hyper

Eek! So... let me give you a little history before I tell you about my day. In high school I started drinking hardcore coffee.... like large coffees with shots of expresso from this great little coffeeshop in town. Before school. After school. Another after school. Like seriously, if coffee was a drug, I was an addict. I got a $15 gift card for Christmas my Junior year for this coffee shop and it was GONE in like.... 6 hrs? So... in the past 2 years I have slowly dwindled this addiction down to having an occasional frozen coffee which doesn't have much coffee in it to begin with. At first it sucked because I had hardcore headaches and ugh. It was just awful. So I moved on to Coca Cola (oh my.... i do love me some coke) and that is my new addiction. Well my friends... this past week has been stressful. I have exams, tests, papers due, and all kinds of school related things keeping me up at night and I wake up EXHAUSTED.

So Monday I ventured to Sonic thinking I'll buy me a frozen coffee... a little pick me up to help me through the day. But it was FREEZING. So instead.... I bought a large hazelnut coffee. OH MY. Bliss. I had another cup that afternoon. And I just finished off one this morning. I think I have a problem :-\

Today.... I am HYPER! But I have no way to rid myself of this hyperactivity because I need to study study study.... but I'd rather party party party... if only Miss Hannah was here.

Anyways. I have today, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday and I will be done for the semester. Hannah will be home soon. Stephany is coming down from Michigan for Christmas. Janelle's babies will be here soon... and then I can party! Ah!


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