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Today is the day I register for Spring Semester classes... I always get excited about this because it's new things to learn... until I am in the middle of the semester ready to register for the following semester! Anyways... so this semester I took the Freshmen Orientation Class (stupid and required), General Psychology, Introduction to Sociology (ugh hate this class), College Algebra w/Lab, Expository Writing & I finished up a Public Speaking Class I started in high school. So that gives me 17 credit hours for the semester. In order to graduate with my Associate in Arts to transfer to UNCA to start my education for my future career (yay!) in Spring 2011 I have to have 17 credit hours a semester or take some of the classes in the summer (no thanks). Well my academic advisor seems to think I can't handle 17 credit hours... well psh. I can so do it! I did it this semester! So I have preplanned my classes until I graduate.... because well, I'm a planner. I've mixed up the "easy" and hard classes together. Really, none of them are easy, but there are ones that I know I will do well in.... like the Music classes! So here is my proposed school plan....

Spring 2010
  • PreCalculus with Lab
  • Foundations of Education
  • Literature Based Research
  • World Civilizations I
  • General Anthropology
Fall 2010
  • Art Appreciation
  • Music Theory I
  • Principles of Biology
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Elementary French I
Spring 2011
  • Introduction to Geology
  • Personal Health/Wellness
  • Appalachian Culture
  • Music Theory II
All semesters are 17 credit hours except Spring 2011... because all of my classes would be done, so that leaves a spot for either an extra class to go towards my Elementary Education Major or if I need to retake a previous course! Yay! So here I go.... 7 minutes I will be registering and hopefully I will get the classes I want!

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