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Obsessively Long-Winded Survey About You!
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MY ______ :
weight:just right
body type:just right
eye color:brown
natural hair color:dark blonde
current hair color:dark blonde
hair style/length:short/angled bob
heritage:don't know
clothing style:whatever i feel like... sometimes jeans and a tee, sometimes leggings boots and a dress.... sometimes my pjs!
best physical feature:eyes
best personality trait:compassion
level of education:finishing up 1st semester in college
current job:Babysitter/Nanny/SAHW/Student
current income:none of your beeswax
desired job:Teacher
desired income:enough to get by and save a little
Sesame Street alter ego:hahah some days i'm oscar... some days i feel like snuffalufagus... and usually i'm elmo :-D
Fairytale alter ego:Hmmmmm sometimes I feel like Sleeping Beauty :-D
Mythological alter ego:i have no idea
religion/creed:I am a Jesus Freak!
sexual orientation:I am straight... I like MEN, particularly ones named Justin Alan Massey
status:Married and LOVING it!
MY FAVORITE ______ :
color:lime green
flower:calla lilies
flavor of ice-cream:graham central station (they don't make it anymore...)
kind of candy:depends on my mood... i'm usually a chocolate loving girl
non-alcoholic drink:water or coke! or coffee....
alcoholic drink:none thanks
store:old navy
kind of car:beetle!!!
time of day:mid afternoon
kind of weather:warm warm warm
holiday/festival:valentine's day
childhood toy:probably my american girl doll or the dollhouse my papaw made me
video game:rockband!!!
arcade game:mrs pacman
sport to watch:soccer
sport to play:soccer
food to eat:italian... pizza, manicotti, pasta... yum!
food to make:i love love love making manicotti. its so messy!
snack to eat:sharp cheddar cheese slices
snack to make:spinach dip
healthy food:salad with all the fixings
junk food:wavy lays and french onion dip
cereal:reeses puffs
section of the newspaper:funnies ofcourse
comic strip:i like them ALL lol
kind of music:Christian Rock
radio program:i love love love His Radio
kind of humor:sarcastic
literary genre:Christian Romance Fiction
kind of poetry:anything that has a meaning that i can UNDERSTAND
magazine to look at:cosmopolitan
magazine to read:cosmopolitan
television genre:primetime drama lol
Fruits or Vegetables:fruits
Nuts or Berries:berries
Sweet or Sour:sweet
Ketchup or Mustard:mustard
Bottled Water or Tap:filtered tap
Organic Food or the Standard Fare:organic
Coffee or Tea:coffee
Pepsi or Coca-Cola:coca cola
McDonald's or Burger King:bk
Chocolate or Vanilla:chocolate
Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate:dark
M&Ms or Reese's Pieces or Skittles:reese's pieces
Night or Day:night
Hot or Cold:hot
Gold or Silver:silver or white gold
Town or the City:town
Park or the Beach:beach
Singles or Albums:singles
Home-cooked Meal or Restaurant Fare:home cooked
Clean the Bathroom or Clean the Kitchen:kitchen
Love or Money:love
Looks or Personality:personality
Phone or In Person:in person
Going Out or Hanging Out:hanging out
Clean-shaven or Facial Hair:a little of both
e-Mail or a Letter:email
Typewritten or Handwritten:handwritten
Dogs or Cats:dogs
Birds or Fish:birds
ASPCA or PETA:aspca
DO YOU ______ :
do drugs?:no
exercise regularly?:i should
like to dance?:yes
like to sing?:yes
shower daily?:yes
tend to overeat or undereat?:overeat
get motion sickness?:no
play the lottery?:no
wear glasses/contacts?:yes
wear any jewelry?:yes
wear makeup?:sometimes
have any piercings?:yes
have any tattoos?:no
have any scars?:yes
have any allergies?:yes
have any disabilities?:no
get angry easily?:yes
hold grudges?:no
get road rage?:no
tend to speed while driving?:no
get upset easily?:no
get embarrassed easily?:no
blush a lot?:no
get disappointed easily?:yes
get frightened easily?:no
have any (unusual) phobias?:no
have difficulty trusting people?:no
prefer to find out for yourself or accept what others tell you?:find out for myself
insist on evidence or go with your gut?:depends on the situation
fall in love easily?:yes
have a crush on anyone?:i love my hubby!
smile/laugh a lot?:yes
tend to live in the past or look forward to the future?:future
tend to make plans or go with the flow?:depends
prefer the journey or the destination?:the journey
curse often?:no
pick your nose?:who doesn't?
pick at your scabs?:yes, bad habit!
bite your nails?:no
tend to procrastinate?:yes
pee in the shower?:no
keep your room/residence clean?:usually.....
have good handwriting?:yes
write poetry/music?:yes
like to draw/paint?:no
have any unusual hobbies?:no
belong to any clubs/organizations?:no
read the newspaper?:no
read magazines?:yes
read books?:yes
watch sports?:no
watch soap operas?:no
watch talk shows?:yes
watch cartoons?:yes
watch reality shows?:yes
know anyone famous?:yes
like to keep up to date on celebrity gossip?:yes
have a celebrity crush?:no
live in the moment?:yes
adapt to new situations easily?:sometimes
think you are good-looking?:sometimes
care about what others think of your appearance?:no, my husbands opinion is the only one that matters
value your reputation?:no - i stopped caring what YOU think about me a long time ago. such a waste of time
believe horoscopes are accurate?:no
believe in fate?:no
believe that life is fair?:no
believe that good always triumphs over evil?:yes
believe in people?:yes
tend to see the good in people/things?:yes
believe in miracles?:yes
believe that people have souls?:yes
believe in life after death?:yes
believe in ghosts?:no
believe that life has meaning?:yes
believe that abortion is wrong?:yes
believe in the death penalty?:no
believe in reincarnation?:no
believe that you will live to see the end of the world?:i hope not, not that i wouldnt want to be one of those who sees Jesus and is taken to heaven.... selfishly I want to live my life here on earth, pass away in my old age and then spend the rest of eternity in Christ's arms.
believe that war is wrong?:yes
believe there is life on other planets?:no
believe in UFOs?:no
believe in aliens?:no
believe in evolution?:to an extent... obviously animals have evolved some
believe that everyone should be treated the same?:no
tend to follow the Golden Rule or the Platinum Rule?:Golden Rule
believe that respect earns respect?:yes
still live with your parents?:no
have any brothers/sisters?:yes
have a good relationship with your parents?:sort of
have a good relationship with your siblings?:no
have a good relationship with your extended family?:some
have a lot of friends?:no
have any pets?:yes
live with roommates?:no
want to get married?:i am
want to have children?:yes yes yes
believe in yourself?:yes
CAN YOU ______ :
play an instrument?:yes
drive a car/truck?:yes
change the oil in your car?:yes
sail/operate watercraft?:no
fly a plane?:no
do your own laundry/ironing?:yes
speak more than one language?:no
play any sports?:yes
defend yourself?:yes
stick to a budget?:maybe...
balance your checkbook?:yes... but i make many mistakes
program your VCR/TiVo?:yes
tie a tie?:no
HAVE YOU EVER ______ :
been drunk?:no
been high?:no
dyed your hair?:yes
been beaten up?:no
broken a bone?:yes
had surgery?:no
skipped class/school?:yes
cheated on a test?:no
been caught cheating on a test?:no
received detention?:no
been suspended/expelled from school?:no
run away from home?:no
thought of killing yourself?:no
tried to kill yourself?:no
been pulled over by the police?:yes
been arrested?:no
been in jail?:no
been robbed?:no
been fired?:no
quit your job before you could be fired?:no
laughed so hard you cried?:yes
donated to charity?:yes
gone scuba diving?:no
gone skydiving?:no
been outside of the country?:no
fired a gun?:no
been in love?:yes
had your heart broken?:yes
broken someone else's heart?:yes
been on a mercy date?:yes
dated your best friend?:yes
sent a love letter?:yes
made a mix tape/CD for anyone?:yes
lost someone close to you?:yes
seen or felt the presence of a ghost?:no
sung/performed on stage?:yes
played Truth or Dare?:yes
played Spin the Bottle?:yes
lied to get out of doing something undesirable?:yes
ditched your friends/family for a boyfriend/girlfriend?:yes
had an epiphany?:yes
ARE YOU ______ :
shy or outgoing?:depends on who i'm with
uptight or laid back?:laid back.... uptight about schoolwork
messy or organized?:messy with everything except school related things
living comfortably or just getting by?:just getting by
impulsive or deliberate?:impulsive
stubborn or know when to give in?:stubborn
patient or impatient?:a little of both
a virgin?:no
a good friend?:yes
good with children?:yes
polite in most circumstances?:yes
quick to judge people?:i try not to be
the jealous type?:no
self-conscious?:yes and yes.... you can be both confident and self-conscious
a perfectionist?:yes
in shape?:no
more of an optimist or a pessimist?:optimist!
more of a leader or a follower?:follower... but sometimes i lead
more of a Democrat or a Republican?:neither
more of a liberal or a conservative?:neither
more of a talker or a listener?:listener
more likely to get involved or mind your own business?:mind my own business
more likely to greet someone or be greeted?:greet someone
more likely to be included or excluded from group activities?:depends on who i'm with
saving for retirement?:not yet. gotta have extra money to do that!
adopt a child?:yes
lend someone money knowing that they would never pay you back?:yes and i have
do someone a favor knowing they would never do the same for you?:yes
donate your organs/body?:yes
become a vegetarian/vegan for someone?:no, i would only do that for myself
work at a fast food restaurant?:no - not that its a bad job... just no the job for me
kill yourself to save someone else?:yes and no.... it would honestly depend on who that person was
admit to a wrongdoing to protect someone else?:yes
fight in a war?:no
How long have you lived in your current location?:a few months
How many times have you moved in your life?:6 times. ugh.
How many states have you lived in?:2
How many states have you been in?:10
How many other countries have you been in?:none
Do you look more like your mother or your father?:mother
Do you act more like your mother or your father?:mother
Are you parents still together or divorced or.....?:together
Are any of your grandparents still alive?:all of my grandmothers are
Have you met any of your great-grandparents?:i knew my great grandpa steve and my "little" granny Ruth is still living
Name two people (non family) you will never forget:Papaw Steve & Papaw
Who would you most likely call if you were in trouble?:Justin, Janelle or Mom
Who would you most likely go to with a problem?:Justin, Janelle or Mom
What/Where is your favorite place to go when you're upset?:Home
Who was your first childhood friend?:Ali
---Are you still friends with this person?:no
Who is your best friend?:Hannah
---How long have you known him/her?:since primary school
Did you have a crush on anyone as a child?:sure
Who/When was your first adolescent crush?:i dont know
Who/When was your last (most recent) crush?:Justin :-D
How old were you when you went on your first date?:14
When was your last (most recent) date?:ummmm Justin's bday a few weeks ago
Who/When was your first (romantic) kiss?:sept 11, 2002 with lee
Who/When was your last (most recent) kiss?:this morning before i left for school w/justin
What kind of first impression do you make?:i dont know... you tell me
Is that the kind of impression you're trying to make?:i dont know
What is the compliment you receive most often from other people?:that im organized, psh
What criticism do you receive most often from other people?:that im stubborn
When would you say was the best time of your life (so far)?:my honeymoon
Do you think the best has yet to come or has it already passed?:the best is yet to come
How do you want to die?:peacefully
How do you think you will die anyway?:thats up to God
What is your best habit?:being early
What is your worst habit?:picking scabs? lol
What is the best feeling in the world?:love
What is the worst feeling in the world?:unworthiness
What is the thing you want most from life?:to be a mommy
What annoys you most in another person?:not striving to be all that they can be
What is your greatest ambition?:to be a mommy
What fear are you most paranoid about?:infertility
Did you get good grades in school?:yes
What kind of underwear do you wear?:bikini style or boy shorts
How do you like your eggs?:scrambled or fried... but i prefer deviled eggs! lol
Pancakes or Waffles?:waffles
What kind of milk do you drink?:skim... but i prefer soy
How often do you brush your teeth?:every morning and after dinner if ive got stuff in my teeth, lol
When is your bedtime?:when my head hits the pillow
What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?:the pearls my Papaw Steve gave me - they have been passed down for generations
What is the most thoughtless gift you have ever received?:no gift is thoughtless even if its miniscule
What is the strangest gift you have ever received?:no comment
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?:to fly
If you could be any one animal, what would it be?:bird
What animal is most like your personality?:Mudgett. Most definately. lol
What movie scared the crap out of you as a kid?:Neverending Story... seriously!
What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?:PS I love you
What movie still makes you laugh every time you see it?:Knocked Up
What movie do you love even though it's stupid?:Monty Python and the Holy Grail
How many CDs do you own?:a lot
How many DVDs do you own?:a lot
What are three luxuries you cannot live without?:i can live without luxuries, i would just rather not
One thing I can't resist is.....:Justin's sweet sweet smile :-D
Let's hear a philosophical statement about reality:uhhhh
What is your philosophy in life?:Be all that you can be
How do you try to live your life?:Faithfully
How would you describe your personality?:I'm just me.
What personality traits do you look for in another person?:has to be a musician... has to be patient... has to love God more than they love me!
What personality traits do you look for in the opposite sex?:same as last question
Did I miss anything?:no
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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