School.... School.... it's a love/hate relationship I think.

I love school. I also hate school. Yea... so basically I decided today to look back at the plans I made for my next 2 semesters (can you believe I only have TWO months left in this semester?). As I was browsing my options I thought to myself, "Self... I wonder what WCU expects from a transfer...". Why oh why? I had forgotten that my previous plans followed Montreat & UNCA's standards which are pretty similar. WCU... not so much. I mean the basics are pretty much the same, but then Western prefers for their Education students to have a secondary focus (pretty much a minor). Cool? MMMMMM. Not so much. My two options (options that I would maybe kind of sort enjoy) are English or Psychology (and I'm choosing Psych... because I already took 2 of those major courses). 18 credit hours each. Ummmm. How the heck am I supposed to fit in 18 extra credit hours in? Only a select few of these classes I can take at AB Tech... but then once I start my Elementary Education major at WCU I will be taking 17 hrs my first semester (all of which are required), 17 the 2nd semester (plus a blocked out section of the day for school classroom observation hours), 15 the 3rd semester (which consists of one of my SAC classes.... but do I really want to add an ADDITIONAL psych class to that semester?), and then my final semester is all student teaching... I don't even know if you're allowed to take extra classes that semester. Yikes. So I may be taking a class or two this summer, but first I have to figure out what 2 classes I can choose from for the elective portion of my secondary choice.... um but there is nothing on WCU's website that says what exactly those are... so yea. Janelle prepare yourself... there will be lots of figuring out to do on our open house adventure!

Did I mention that today I took ONE exam 3 times and couldn't submit it? They still can't figure out what's going on at AB Tech's end... so now I have to take it using word document instead of blackboard. UGH!

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