Change is in the Air

Change is wonderful. I LOVE CHANGE. Ask J, I love to rearrange our furniture, I love to change up our decor, I like to try new things, explore new places.... change rocks. J made a BIG change today, he got a new job! It pays a little more than his last job, we get affordable health insurance, AND my favorite part.... he will be home for dinner EVERY night! His schedule goes something like this: every work he works from 5:30am-5:30pm and he has a set schedule. He works Monday, works Tuesday, off Wednesday, work Thursday, off Friday, work Saturday, work Sunday, off Monday, off Tuesday, work Wednesday, off Thursday, work Friday, and off for the weekend.... and then you start all over again. He's excited, I'm excited... and Boogie is ALWAYS excited! I guess you can tell when I'm excited in my blog posts because I do THIS! LOL!

The only not so fun part about this new job is that we're having to change up our vacation plans. We originally had planned on taking a week long vacation in Gatlinburg with a day trip to Knoxville... but now that he no longer works doubles on weekends with week breaks in between that just isn't possible. So. New plan. We'll leave on a Sunday night after J gets off, spend Monday morning in Knoxville, Monday evening in Gatlinburg (with a fun dinner at the Melting Pot!), and Tuesday will be spent in Pigeon Forge and driving home. Justin will work Wednesday, be off Thursday, and then work on Friday. That night we'll drive to Asheboro, stay the night, and then wake up on Saturday morning to spend the day at the zoo! Then we'll drive to Concord, stay the night, wake up and spend the day shopping and then drive home. It's definitely more driving, and not what we were hoping for in a vacation, but it will be fun nonetheless!

What else is changing? Boogie took 2 crawling "steps" today... and I missed it. Lamesauce. So hopefully that means she'll be mobile very very soon! She's also on the verge of cutting her second tooth! You know what else all this means? I've had a cranky, tired, non-sleeping baby this week! This whole sleep thing is hard. I'm stuck in the middle of wanting to just co-sleep and enjoy the baby cuddles and lovings I get... and wanting to somehow get her to sleep in her own bed, in her own room. It's a tough decision. I'm not a fan of cry it out methods, I hope to find a method that won't involve so much hysterical tears and crying. The way I see it... no matter what happens, she's not going to be sleeping in my bed forever. Someday she will want her own space... until then, I'm just along for the ride!

Guess what else is changing? THE LEAVES. No, really. It's not a drastic change yet... but a tree in our yard is slightly turning and there were leaves in our yard today! That means FALL is just on the horizon! Hallelujah! I can't wait!

I'm changing in many ways as well... I don't feel much like writing about it though because I'm not exactly sure how to put what is changing in my life into words. But it's good. VERY good! So... anyways, I'm going to leave you with some of Boogie's 8 month pictures. 8 months... hard to believe!

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Samantha said...

*Yay for your husband and the new job- sounds fantastic!

*LEAVES CHANGING!? Only change ours have made is they're all dying becuase it's still over 100ยบ and hasn't rained in forever

*LOVE Elah's new pics :D