Big Girl

Where did my baby go? My baby has become a big girl, she spent her first night in her big girl bed last night! She even SLEPT IN. That NEVER EVER EVER happens when her daddy isn't home! She even woke up HAPPY. No more screaming and crying for mommy to rescue her, now she gets up, smiles, and plays! It's amazing! She's growing into such a big girl, she continues to astonish me with how smart she is, and I can't believe how far she has come from her tiny 5lb 13oz newborn self! Her vocabulary has continued to explode, she can identify almost all of her body parts (eyes, nose, hair, head, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, chin, neck, cheeks, face, arm, elbow, belly, etc etc etc), she knows many animals and what sounds they make, and much much more! The one thing she confuses right now is up and down, when she wants up she says 'down!', when she wants down she says 'down!' LOL! So she is 'down', just can't figure out the 'up' part.

To update you on Sissy or Bubby, my nausea has completely subsided however I have had this nasty cold for 2 weeks now. I'm in the "coughing a lung out" portion which hopefully means it's heading out of my system for good soon! Not to mention that an ever growing baby pushing on mommy's bladder + coughing is NOT a good combination. Ugh! I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow, so I will update again then with a new picture. Until then, here's a few mobile pics of Boogie from the past few weeks!

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