Summer Blog Challenge, Day 14

Going Green with the Grizls

Day 14: Give your followers 15 tips to get through life.

  1. Rely on Christ, without Him life just isn't what it should or could be!
  2. Do what you love, be with the one you love, and take time to appreciate those joys... 
  3. Remind yourself that you are beautiful/handsome (even when you're miserable and pregnant... like I have been today!)
  4. Have babies... they will change your life. And take the time to enjoy every snuggle, every smile, every giggle... every EVERYTHING. Time FLIES.
  5. Don't worry too much about the rough times, before you know it your life turns around and things are good again. Worrying too much SHORTENS your life!
  6.  Dance. Sing. Act crazy... life is to short to be cautious and shy!
  7. Have an adventure. Whether that's traveling the world or diving into parenthood... all adventures are worth it!
  8. Have pajama/movie days with your significant other, best friend, or your kids... sometimes we all need some downtime!
  9. Whether you are 15, 30, or 65... it's ok to still act like a kid sometimes. In some ways, we never truly grow up!
  10. Stop and smell the roses... I know, cheesy right? But really, stop, bend down, and smell the roses. And the daisies. And the lilies. And any other flower. 
  11. Educate yourself. No matter how old you are, what stage of life you are in you CAN get an education.
  12. Don't let other's opinions of yourself dictate who you are or how you act. 
  13. Don't yell. Don't scream. Stay calm, pray, meditate... I know it's hard, I'm still working on this.
  14. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams no matter how BIG or how small.
  15. Take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Memories can be captured with just a click!

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