Summer Blog Challenge, Day 12

Going Green with the Grizls

Day 12: Worst Injury You've Had and How it Happened...

I think there's a tie between two different injuries. In the 6th grade during Christmas break we had a pretty long snow storm. My brother and I went out to sled and mom asked me to hold our dog, Rags' leash while she ran inside for a minute (or something like that... the details are a little blurry in my memory). Anyways, I was brilliant and thought it would be smart to try sledding while holding the dog's leash. BAD BAD BAD idea... I started sledding down the hill, the dog ran in front of me, I tried to slide myself out of the way of hitting him and ended up flipping myself over, tangled my leg up in the string on the sled and the leash and injured my leg. I ended up cracking my growth plate and breaking several bones in my foot. It was incredibly painful and the urgent care didn't set my foot, so for a week I was on pain killers until the swelling went down so that the orthopedic doctor could set my foot and put it in a cast. Ugh.

The second injury was in 8th grade playing soccer, I fell funny when I was battling the ball away from the other team, the girl side swiped my leg, I fell and landed funny. Turns out I tore the muscles and tendons around and above my knee.Excellent. That injury still hurts now and then. It kept me from playing soccer as much as I would have liked throughout school, and I am almost positive it was part of the reason I had so many fractures in my ankles playing indoor soccer. I just wasn't as strong with that injury and it hurt playing, which ended up in me falling or twisting my ankle in the process. Geez.

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