Summer Blog Challenge, Day 5

Going Green with the Grizls

 Today's challenge is to share my short term goals this month and why I have those goals.
  • Find out the baby's gender and start getting room decor ready! Why? Because I am always overly prepared... I will be almost 19 weeks when we find out the gender, that's almost halfway through my pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Boogie I had her room ready at 33 weeks, but the decor was ready way before that. This little one won't have his/her own room yet, but a section of our room will be dedicated to Sissy or Bubby. I want to take the same time and effort we did with Boogie's room for this little one as well. I have lots of fun ideas up my sleeve!
  • Make a final decision about sleeping arrangements for Boogie. This has been really hard for me. We've decided to not co-sleep this go around, as much as I loved those all night snuggles with Boogie, and how much easier it was to nurse her that way... the fact is that nobody but Boogie slept well (and she even started not sleeping well around 8 or 9 months). And transitioning her to her crib was a nightmare... you can say what you want, I know that both ends of this argument can get nasty. This is our decision, we think it's best! Anyways, we want to use a crib after the first few months of using the co-sleeper... but that means getting Boogie out of her crib and into a toddler bed or twin size bed. Eek! I keep going back and forth and it's driving me insane!
Those are really the only goals for this month... after this month they'll start adding up though!

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