Fighting Fire

You know how little girls dream of their weddings someday? How they'll find their prince charming, have a huge white wedding and a new family to love? I did. I dreamed of all of that, I also dreamed that someday I would have a mother in law that would be my friend.... who would love me like a daughter and just be like another mom. Well I got everything but that. From the time I started dating Justin until now, I have fought a never ending battle with my inlaws. And to be honest with you, I don't know why they don't like me or what I've done to treat me with such disrespect and hatred. I feel unwelcome, unworthy and like an outcast no matter what I do. Really, even with all the crap I get.... I worry more about the impact it has on my amazing husband. Justin is so loving and so caring. He is always looking out for his family and helping with anything they need.... but they are making him sooo unhappy. Justin is the love of my life and I am his.... and that makes us both incrediably happy. So you would think his mother would appreciate that and realize that by pushing me away, shes not pushing me away from him. She's pushing her son away from her. He is not a child anymore. He is a man, he is a strong, brave, amazing loving man. Ugh. I'm just so aggravated at everything thats going on right now.... all I want to do is lash out and hurt them.... but I can't and won't do that. It's not my place, and I'm trying very hard to do God's will.

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Wendy said...

Jeff's parents and I had a relationship like that for a long time. I could do no right in their eyes and was not good enough for their son. They ignored me...talked about me to other family members and basically wasn't nice. But, I can now say after all these years that it's gotten a lot better. I think I had to prove myself worthy to them. I just kept being who I was and slowly they warmed up. Now it's been almost 22 years...(hopefully yours will come around faster than my in laws did. Lol!) but keep being yourself and pray for them.