Well, this is going to be a short post.... but Justin and I got back from our trip to the beach on Friday.... we had a BLAST. It was well worth the time and money getting down there! I snagged a new family to babysit... 3 girls. The oldest is 12, her name is Hana - she is only around occasionally. The younger two are 4 year old Ila and 1 1/2 year old Rosie. All 3 of them are great girls, and I really enjoy watching them! I have to go and take a placement test for school on the 15th... not looking forward to that. However, my friend Rachel, who has always been my go to person for school help is going to tutor me beforehand. Other than that.... I start summer staff for the conference center on the 25th and hoping to snag some more families to nanny for!

oh..... and i am going to be working on my voice, writing and guitar skills. i have put it off for way to long. i am hoping that maybe at some point i can sell my lyrics... i know that realistacally (sp?) my voice is not strong or good enough for me to ever sing my own songs professionally, no matter how much i want that.... so maybe, someone will enjoy my lyrics through someone else's vocals!

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