Owning Myself

For a long time I've struggled with my body type.... I am average height but I am 200 lbs and self conscious! But who isn't right? Since I met Justin, my outlook on life and what I think about myself have drastically changed. I use to ONLY wear hoodies and jeans to school and other clothes that hid my body. I always struggled to find tops that were appropriate and fit my big boobs.... what a pain! Well this is where I am now. This is MY body. I OWN this body. I have curves. I am NOT skinny. And why is this so great? BECAUSE I'M PROUD OF MY BODY! I have been shopping A LOT at Old Navy and have found clothes that fit perfectly and they ARENT hoodies! LOL! I think its a shame that women feel like they have to be a certain size to be beautiful... I wish I had discovered myself while I was in high school! Thats all I really had to say.... I own myself now.... I own this body that God created..... its mine and I choose to love it just the way it is!

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Janelle said...

Have I told you lately that I am absolutely in love with you, and blown away by your wisdom, and insight. I wish I had it as together as you sometimes girlie. Keep loving, keep living, keep singing, keep growing, keep inspiring. You are beautiful and I am so proud of you!