Nothing to do...

This is incredible! I have NOTHING to do today, lol! I finished all the assignments I needed to get done today for school around 12:30pm, took the dogs out, gathered my notebooks for class tonight... and now I'm just sitting here. I can't believe it! I've been going NONSTOP for the past 2 weeks, it's been fun... but I didn't know when I'd get to stop and breathe... now that I'm breathing I'm bored. Go figure!

Anyways... we're down to 29 days until our Gatlinburg adventure. Justin is getting impatient and I think the days are going by so quickly! I'm very excited to get away from everyone and well maybe not quite everything... but yea! I'll still have to do some assignments while were away, but we'll manage.

Next Tuesday will be my last night working with the children at CR, we're having a pizza party, playing board games and having our final devo together. I'm going to miss those kids so much, I'm so glad that I won't have to miss my favorite Flint monsters however ;-)

I don't really have much to update on except that school is going well, I've taken 2 exams and 3 quizzes and made all A's so far. Great start to the semester I think! I've gotta get going soon and get ready for my education class tonight. I'm really excited about the observation labs we have to do along with the class itself. I'll go observe different teachers in different classroom settings... I won't get to participate but I'm sure from the assignments I have to do I'll learn a lot.

Well.... I can't think of anything else to write... so more later ;-)

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Jeannette said...

Here I am a complete stranger making a comment to wish you well. Being that all we have is today...and that we are advised to say "God willing" about everything we hope to do...I hope for you that the whole idea of being bored, that the word itself diasappears from your vocabulary...and that rather than wait for a magical escape day in the are truly amazed today. "today while it is still called today..".as it says in Hebrews. May you have a grand vacation...but today may be just as special if you tune in...