Tuesday Tantrums

Mind if I throw a tantrum?

Today was the day to buy Spring Semester textbooks... I was excited because I'm a nerd... until I woke up to a 2 hour delay which meant that EVERYONE and their mother would be at AB Tech at 10 instead of spread out from 8am-whenever. I got there early and managed to only be behind about 50 people... but once I got up to the line they couldn't find my financial aid voucher! What the heck! So they send me to the financial aid department to figure out what's going on and as I'm sitting in the waiting room more and more people start streaming in... and guess what. All of their last names start with M. Hmmmm... .something about this is a little fishy. The school managed to LOSE the M vouchers. Yea. So after 3 hours of crap (only 10 of that consisted of me actually grabbing my books off shelves) I finally got them.... all $550 of them. YUCK. What a pain.

Oh but that's not all. I get home and discover that somehow my payment for the doctor's office was rejected... which is completely ridiculous because the money is in the bank... MORE than enough to pay that bill. So instead of it just going through it comes back and bites us in the butt with a "return check" charge. WTH? This isn't the first time that's happened... and both times there was more than enough money in the bank for it to go through. Ugh.

OH no. I'm not done yet. I know I know... I can just hear you goin "UGH". I get to church tonight and was pulled aside and told that I needed to "stick to the lessons and not spend extra money, just stick to the lessons and get it done. these kids need some God in their lives." If you don't know the backstory... then well you might not understand... this is probably the billionth time this has happened. I'm doing a lesson that frankly is NOT appropriate for the range of ages I take care of. I have to change it to make it fit. I also have to change the activities and everything so that all the kids can participate. Well apparently I can't do that. Basically I can't do anything. The funny thing is that I got fussed at for spending too much money on the craft projects and snacks... but I haven't bought ANYTHING in over a month. I'm done. Seriously. Done. I'm giving my notice for the last Tuesday in February. I'm planning on finding a small gift for all the kids... I want them to know that they didn't do anything wrong or that I don't love them. I will MISS them. I need a change though.

On a happier note.... two little Flint Monsters got to come home tonight!

(Picture courtesy of Janelle )

I can't wait to meet them!

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