Rain Rain Go Away!

It is pouring the rain right now, just absolutely pouring. I am not a big fan of ran... especially ice cold rain, ick!

Anyways, 25 days until we leave for TN! Yay! We are planning on leaving early that Thursday morning and go through Johnson City since our normal route has had 2 rockslides. We are going to go shopping and possibly go to Knoxville to check out the mall we never got to go see while we lived there. So I'm excited :)

Also... we are now taking a trip to Myrtle Beach on July 10-17 with my inlaws... now at first I was kind of.... eh. But now.... I'm way excited! The inlaws (mother, father & brother in law) are getting one room with 2 beds with an ocean view. They are paying for the room and their part of the family package. We are taking an air mattress and paying the difference for the family fun package which means we are paying less than 200 dollars to stay for a week.... so TOTALLY worth it! The package includes free passes every day that we are there for the resorts water parks, amusement park, putt putt, one free breakfast for each person, one free dinner for each person, 2 free move nights, and other activities. We are also taking our own car so we will be staying with the inlaws but we'll be doing our own thing all week! What a blessing!

Today is so yucky. We also had a tornado warning.... so I freaked out as usual. Justin doesn't get as scared as I do about natural disasters and weather advisories, so he was ofcourse calm while I was screaming and crying about going to my parents or his grandmas.... I know I'm a wuss. Oh well... its all ok now.

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