Happy New Year?

It's FREEZING! It's so cold outside that no matter how long we run the heat inside it can't get over 62 degrees... and that is TOO cold for me! We also woke up this morning to frozen pipes... oh the joy. Did I mention it's really really cold? I spent New Years Day with the Flint Monsters (as you read in my previous post)... it always makes a day better spent with those kids, because no matter what's going on in my life or if I'm having a bad day... or week for that matter, they love me either way... and they have no problems making me laugh! LOL! I was also blessed to get paid :) I'm officially working for them now which is very exciting... but I was very surprised and very blessed for my first "paycheck" because we really needed some groceries and I was able to get a new coat... ON SALE btw lol... it's a really pretty wool peacoat from Old Navy, it's blue & black plaid and I LOVE it. I have 2 old coats, an orange winter coat from aeropostale I bought my FRESHMEN year in high school and a green puff coat from american eagle my sophomore year in high school. So needless to say, I really needed a replacement, lol! Well, please pray we can get our pipes UNfrozen so that I can take a shower... ha! We were planning on going to Biltmore today and go out to dinner since we haven't been on a date in good while... but I guess that will just have to wait! God Bless.

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