Blogger FAIL

I have been a horrible blogger lately and I apologize... I've just not been into it lately! The free time I have I've put into cleaning, laundry, family time, etc. All important things but I try to keep this updated so that when I look back I can remember all the fun things that Boogie has accomplished! Anyways...

Boogie has been babbling for quite a while now... we get lots of "mama's", "dada's", "nana's" and "nene's"... here newest is "baba"... or so I thought! First it was "baba", but then it turned into "buh-bye!" I even caught it on camera! If you whisper "buh-bye" to her and tell her to tell whoever is leaving bye... she says it! It may be a fluke, but she's consistent! She's trying to pull up on a lot more now, it's scary to think she could be walking in the next few months. In our living room we have a corner set up just for Boogie's toys and books and things, there are two shelves and then there's a shelving system with canvas drawers. The shelves are just your basic shelves from Walmart or Target, so the middle shelf comes out... which isn't so good for my little one who likes to pull up on them! Hopefully we can get some real wood shelves to replace those at some point and bolt them to the wall!

Sourwood was this weekend... and honestly it was kind of a bust. If you don't know what Sourwood is, it's a festival my hometown throws with homemade goods and really bad for you food. I was thorougly disappointed in the festival this year. I did however stop at the hardware store (best shop downtown in my opinion... you can buy all kinds of neat toys, old fashioned gadgets, and just your basic hardware needs) and found J some rubber ducky boxers. HA!

Let's see... what else? Sorry this is a completely random post of updates... but sometimes that's just the way it is! J was having a pretty rotten weekend at work so to cheer him up, which I really should do every day, I got the entire apartment clean. My lovely friend, Janelle (also known as the Flint Monster Wrangler), came by to entertain Boogie while I finished up. Prior to her arrival it took me over TWO hours to clean our tiny kitchen... that is just ridiculous. Why, you ask? My daughter thinks the world revolves around her pretty little head, and while my life does revolve around her 99.999999% of the time... that .00000001% that didn't was today when I was focused on making sure her daddy came home to a clean house! Hehe. There were only two things I didn't do. One, I didn't clean the tub or shower because I was afraid of scary spiders. Really. I swear, everytime I go in there I find spiders. We did bomb the house with one of those bug bombs, but I STILL have J check before I go in there. I'm a wimp, I admit it. Two, I didn't pull out the random socks, shoes, and odds and ends out from under Boogie's changing table. Why? Spiders. I've seen them in there, and I was not chancing that I would pull one out. Ew.

I think that's it. Hopefully I will stay up to date this week and have something more exciting to post! Until then...

New pj's... size TWELVE months. Ay yi yi!

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