A Little of This... A Little of That

My life as a blogger at the moment is in meltdown mode... I just don't ever have the time or patience to sit down and type. However, at the moment my daughter is nursing to sleep and I do NOT want to read anymore American History... so here I am!

What's new? Boogie cut a tooth on Saturday, you can't really SEE it yet, but you can definately feel it with your finger! She is still not crawling, but that's really no surprise... she IS still pulling up on everything in her reach and has contemplated a career similar to Evil Kenevil's! Yesterday we were playing in the floor of her room, I was doing some reading for school and she was just doing her usual thing of picking up a toy... throwing it... screaming at me... and repeat! Well, she decided that it would be great fun to pull up on my shirt, and in the process ended up nose diving right into the closet door (which was open, so she hit the edge where it folds out when you open it). She hits her noggin a lot, but this time she SCARED me. It left an indention, she locked up and didn't breathe for a minute before she started screaming... and even nursing wouldn't calm her down. So we called the pediatrician and they had us bring her in just in case. Thankfully she is OK, and she was back to her normal self within an hour... but AH! And I'm not one of those mom's who freaks out when her kid falls... seriously, this kid hits her head atleast twice a day! Ay yi yi!

J is almost done with his class... we'll be signing him up and paying a hefty fee for his exam this fall and he'll take it in March (I think). Hopefully there will be more changes in the next few weeks for him job wise, so we'll see what happens!

I'm in school. It sucks. I'm ready to be done so I can just relax and enjoy being a mommy. Oh... but I did learn one really cool thing! There was a short little info section on Huron Indians in the 16th century! Did you know that they breastfed their kids until they were 3 or 4 years old? So ha! Proof! I'm not a wierdo, my kid's only 8 months old! :-p And I bet THEY didn't use nursing covers! Sorry... I couldn't help myself.

Ummm.... anything else I haven't already blogged about? Vacation may or may not happen when we'd like it too... more on that later.... possibly going to Ohio to see my mom's side of the family (hopefully).... oh. And Boogie is now 18lbs and slowly moving up to 12-18 month clothing. AND she'll be 8 months old in 5 days. Where is my 5lb squishy? And since I don't have a graceful way to end this random post..... bye!

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Samantha said...

So glad that she's ok! I hate the bumps and bruises that come along with these milestones!!!

I think T is almost 18lbs but he's still in 3-6mo although I'm about to start him in 6-9 even if they are big because we have too many cute things that need to be worn before it cools of!!!