8 Months!

My sweet girl is 8 months old today! She even decided to celebrate early by waking momma up with a big slap on the face and a drooly kiss, but she didn't stop there! She then proceeded to prepare the most revolting diaper she has EVER had. It was SO much fun! Ha... yea.

Anyways... so this past month Boogie got her first tooth, REALLY started pulling up, scooting (slowly) on her butt, jabbering up a storm, and has fallen in love with the Backyardigans. She is also moving up from large chunks of food to tiny bites... she finally figured out how to use her pincher fingers! She's tried pancakes, scrambled egg yolk, chicken and rice, white rice, carrots, broccoli, and a little sneak of ice cream... hehe!

She's grown so much this past month, and honestly I'm looking forward to when she starts crawling and/or walking! I'm ready for her to be mobile and a little more independent! It makes me sad that she is getting to that point, but also relieved that she's finding herself! She's still co-sleeping and nursing occasionally through the night, and while we have some rough nights, we have more good nights than rough.

So... happy 8 months sweet baby, momma ADORES you!!!

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