Starting 2012 With....

A double ear infection. Yea. Great fun! For the past two weeks Boogie has slowly gone from a decent sleeper to a screaming all night not wanting to sleep baby. Typically she'd go 3-4 (usually 4) hours between waking, then we had one night where she slept 8 hours, but every night since then she slowly started waking up more frequently. These past several nights have been awful. Waking up screaming, not wanting to be put down, digging in her ears (which isn't abnormal for her... she always messes with her ears when she's very sleepy, but obviously there was more to it this time), only sleeping while being held, not wanting to nurse like usual. It was horrible. I felt like a horrible mother. I felt hopeless... there was nothing I could do to comfort her. Then someone mentioned that she might have an earache. Bingo!

After last night I was desperate for answers. I was up until 1am walking, rocking, holding, nursing, bouncing... doing whatever I could to make her comfortable. I finally got her into her bed after that, but she woke up frequently. Luckily J didn't have to be at work until 9:30am so he got up a few times and helped me out when he could. It was a LONG night for all of us. This morning I made an appointment with the pediatrician... not one we had met yet, but I really wanted to have her ears checked. So, mom picked us up and we headed to the ped's office. She screamed when they took her temperature (in her ear), she didn't know this particular doctor so she freaked out when she touched her, she screamed when she checked her ears... it was NOT fun. But we had our answer. Double ear infection. After an entire year of only having two colds and yucky case of diarrhea.... Boogie decided to start the new year with a bang. Her first ear infections. Anyways... that's how it's going now. We got home around lunchtime and Boogie had taken a short nap in mom's car, so she was in no mood to take another. I finally got her to lay down with me in the recliner at 3:30 and we both took a LONG 2 hour nap. So... it's 8pm right now and J is still rocking her to sleep. She's not crying... just enjoying cuddles with her daddy I guess! If you don't know... Boogie typically falls asleep at 6:30, so it will be interesting to see how this late bedtime will affect the rest of our night! Well... please say a little prayer for our girl as she fights off this double ear infection!


Ashley said...

Boo! That sucks! Hope she feels better soon...and you get some rest.

Ashley Brown said...

Poor Baby!! Hopefully your house feels better soon!