Boogie's First Birthday

Boogie's birthday party went great! We were a little late finishing getting everything set up, but that worked out well because the kids played and my dad had time to get to the party after work! Despite the fact that apparently Boogie has a double ear infection (I'll post about that later) she did SO well! She loved all of the attention, playing with all the kids, and she thoroughly enjoyed her giant cupcake :)

Mom came early to help us set up the decorations... she tried to get a few pictures of Boogie during this but Boogie was constantly on the move!

Eating the letters to her banner.... good thing mom elaminated them!

This is Boogie's timeline banner, mom even elaminated this one and put rings in it afterwards so that Boogie can look through them whenever she wants! And we do.... a LOT.

I made the ribbon banner thing around her chair...

My friend Alecia made Boogie's cake... it was fantastic! I made the small cupcakes and Boogie's giant smash cupcake!

Boogie makes some great faces... and she really enjoyed all the yummy goodies we had at her party and that cupcake...

Happy Birthday Boogie!

And take note... my mom made her shirt :) She rocks!

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