I know... I'm a slacker, I haven't posted in a few days. I've been VERY busy! Let's see, I worked all last week at both the law firm & childcare... and for the first time in weeks I had ALL DAY saturday off! Heck yes! Anyways, let me backtrack a bit...

Friday, this woman kept calling me and asking to speak with one of the lawyers or one of the paralegals. Well, apparently the lawyer had just stepped out when I transferred her, so she called back... I transferred her to the paralegal and she didn't answer... so after about the 50th time of her calling me back I answered the phone. She started going off on how incompetent I was that I couldn't even transfer her directly to a person to talk too, that it was my lazy @$$'s fault her loan was falling through and that I needed to transfer her to the lawyer NOW, so she could speak to him directly. I calmly (but in the back of my mind wanted to scream at her) said, "M'am, Mr. Gazoontite (substitute names, lol) and Ms. Aphrodite are out of the office at the moment so I can transfer you to their voicemails or leave a personal message for them myself. But at this time they are unavailable to speak directly to you." She then went on to say again, that I was an incompetent b**** and that she had no idea how I got my job or how I got through life being the way I was etc etc. I thought this quite funny actually considering that none of this was my fault and I was very polite to her. I called Mr. Gazoontite after she hung up and told him what was going on, he then proceeded to tell me that the loan office that had approved this loan for this crazy woman had made mistakes on her application. So technically it was the bank's fault her loan was falling through, but ofcourse they were telling this crazy woman it was our fault. Well, next thing I know this huge woman comes in glaring at me. I didn't know who she was, so I smiled politely and said, "Good afternoon, how are you? Can I help you?" Big mistake, it was the crazy woman. She starts yelling and cursing and telling me she MUST speak to the lawyer now, she knows he's here and if I don't get him down her immediately she was going to kick my @$$. I was TERRIFIED... this woman was HUGE! But ofcourse, I can't do what she wants, because Mr. Gazoontite is in fact out of the office. She's not happy with that answer and starts coming around the counter to my desk while I sit terrified with big puppy dog eyes praying somebody comes to help me. I'm frantically trying to buzz someone and that doesn't work. Luckily, just seconds before she gets to my desk one of the lawyer's just happens to be heading downstairs and hears the ruccus and says, "What is going on? Is there a problem? M'am can I help you?" So now, skipping all the unneccesary details, this woman gets her way, they fix the loan (that I still think shouldn't have been done considering that the bank made the mistake and the horrible manner in which she was treating me) and she goes on her happy way... while no one asks if I'm ok, no one tells me they're sorry that happened. UGH! Yea, so I've decided that after Justin and i move, I am NOT working in another law office. All the mean clients are horrid to me, but once the lawyer's come downstairs the clients put on their pretty faces and act very innocent. Bull!

Anywho. This past wknd was Father's Day, and since my parents had just gotten back from their eventful vacation I didn't want to do anything huge. So we went and bought supplies for a cookout and had a ball! Dad and I spent the day at the grocery store & hardware store and at home just talking and goofing off! Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there!

This week will be particularly busy, we have a HUGE conference at our conference center these next 2 weeks (over 1,000 people both weeks) and I'm working everyday until Saturday until 11pm. Busy bee, I am!

Next Friday, June 27th, Justin and I will be heading to TN to check out some apartments and houses and hopefully we will find something and put a deposit on it that day (with our wonderful stimulus check, lol). Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week (despite the craziness of mine!)

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."
-1 Peter 5:6-7

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Janelle said...

Oh Sarah. How my heart aches for you. I am so sorry that you are being treated so poorly in your job. Just remember that the Lord will honor you. "Humble yourself before the Lord and HE will lift you up" James 4:10 (I think...). Be blessed and know I'm praying for you.