Drama Everywhere I Flipp'n Go.

I am so tired of drama. I am so tired of keeping my mouth shut. I want to flipp'n smack her upside the head and tell her to shut her face!

What I did: I was working on putting the checks for the day into our database... I knew that I had given her one earlier in the day so I messaged her and said, "When you get a minute I need that check so I can put it into our spreadsheet... it's almost 4!"

As soon as I sent it, I heard her go, "OMG! I wish she would stop!" then you hear her whispering to our office manager, "I swear, if Sarah doesn't stop being so impatient I'm going to go off on her! What is her problem!"

Ok, out of that msg I sent her... what was being impatient? I simply told her I needed it when she had a minute to get it in. That's it. I didn't say, I NEED IT NOW... or WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG! I even had a little hooray in there with... it's almost 4! Like, yay! It's almost time to go!

I am so ready to get out of this excuse they call a job.

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