Rules When Dealing w/a Receptionist

Alright, so in this past year working as a receptionist I have discovered many things.... learned how impatient and rude people can be.... and how demanding some people are. Well here are some rules I think should be used when dealing w/a receptionist.

1 - I work 8 hours day, 5 days a week and during that time I am only behind my desk and infront of my phone for a total of probably 3 hours. Do NOT call my phone over and over until I answer and then assume that it's okay to rant and rave at me for not answering my phone. I have other duties, I will not always be at my desk. Call me once... hang up. Call me twice, and leave a message I WILL call you back.

2 - If you call and I do answer the phone, once I transfer you to the person you wished to speak with I am done. If for instance you call me to speak to a lawyer, and once I transfer you he does not pick up... do not proceed to call me over and over and tell me to continue transfering you. If he doesn't answer he is busy, if you go to voicemail he's not here.... I am not their momma, I don't control what they do. Get a life and leave a message, I promise it's not the end of the world.

3 - If you come in for an appointment and the attorney is late or isn't quite on time, do not get angry with me. Do not yell at me. Do not cop an attitude with me. I told them you were here, I messaged, called & spoke to them in person. They will be here when they get here. Again, I am not their mother, I cannot make them do anything. Be patient, have a seat, grab a glass of water and a magazine and hush!

4 - If you call me and I transfer you... do not call me back. I will not answer. I will not repeat myself over and over when you could have just left a msg.

5 - Do not comment on the lack of cleanliness in the lobby, yes I work here, yes I straighten things up but I am NOT a maid. I do NOT mop, I do NOT sweep, nor do I wash windows. That is the janitor's job, I'd be more than happy to call him up for you if you'd wish to complain, but please don't make snide remarks to ME about how I should clean the office.

6 - Also, do NOT comment on how awful our plants look, I am not a gardener... I do in fact have a black thumb. I water them twice a week, and if you have a problem with that you can come in and water them yourself.

7 - Do not assume I know who you are, do not assume I know what you're talking about. We have over 1,000 clients and you just happen to be here today. Hi, nice to meet you... but I still have no idea who you are.

8 - When you leave a message on my voicemail... it is helpful to say WHO you are, WHAT you need, and leave your phone number. I can't call you back without that information, so please don't call me after leaving a horrible msg like, "I'd like to schedule an appt with Bob." or "Call me back ASAP." and expect me to know who you are.... I have no idea!

9 - Do not call me and try to talk me into giving you personal information about a client or a coworker... I just can't do that. Do not yell at me, do not curse at me... get off your lazy butt and come into the office. If you are a family member of a deceased client... then ok, if you're anyone else... why do you need the information anyways?

10 - No, I don't know who your parents were. No, I can't give you the lawyer's cell phone number. No, I cannot watch your children while you speak to the attorney. No, I will not reschedule your appointment for 11am when it is infact 10:30 am.

11 - Last, and most importantly... I am a person, I have a life.... and I do in fact have feelings. Do not judge me, do not 'tsk tsk" at me for being young and married, or taking a break from school. You do not know me, you will never know me.... and you have no business deciding whether I'm good enough to help you with your legal issues. You're the one who needs the lawyer, not me... so who are you to judge?

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