29 Days and Counting

I don't really have much to say today, I'm getting behind on my daily blogging! Justin and I are busy trying to get all of our stuff packed (with the exception of my clothes, shoes & essentials since I'm staying here for 3 more weeks!) and ready for our big move next wknd! Mom & Dad are going to be helping us out, and I'm praying my brother won't freak out when mom asks if he minds staying until Sunday rather then Saturday when we go. My brother has gotten VERY involved with the youth group at his church, and I'm so excited about that... but at the same time, Sunday the 20th could be the last day I see my husband for almost a month. I don't want to go move in on Friday & have to leave the next day! Please help me pray about this!
Justin and I have been researching churches in Sevierville, and I am excited to say we think we may have found one! It's a First Baptist Church and it's HUGE! Not as huge as the church we've been going to, but from what we've read/seen so far, it looks amazing! I hope to get involved with the youth group, maybe chaperoning trips and such. They go to Xtreme Summer in Florida, which is where I went when I was in school too!
This church has some many wonderful programs for people of every age, such as music camps for the children, a preschool choir, bible school, Monday night worship for teens, Thursday night worship for College Students & Young Adults, luncheons for the Senior Citizens, Study Groups for both men & women, a group for new moms and experienced moms, handbells, an orchestra, and even a group for children/young adults with special needs. I'm SO excited!

Check out the layout for the church, how neat is that? Justin and I saw this church when looking for the apartment we were checking out. So it's just down the road in downtown! Oh geez I'm excited!

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