Home Sweet Home!

Well, we finally got moved into our new apartment! We haven't really put everything away yet, but the kitchen and bathroom are DONE! We're still working on the living room and bedrooms... and eventually I'll post pictures of the finished product. YAY! Right now, I'm staying at my parents house in our hometown, and Justin is 2 hours away in our new apartment :(. Pretty much... SUCKS. I'll be at my parents (and possibly my inlaws while they're on vacation) for the next 3 weeks. Anyways, here are some photos of the new apartment:

This is my rubber duckie bathroom.... lol we really need to update it to a more adult theme, lol!
My duckie display shelf... can you tell I like rubber duckies?
This is the spare bedroom... soon to be the guest room/craft room/ and someday when we have kids the nursery!
Our stairs, this is a townhouse apartment so the bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs, while the kitchen and living area are downstairs :)
View looking up the stairs...
Our closet and Snickers' "room", lol
The master bedroom - it's a mess!!!
Part of the master - we basically just threw everything in so we could sleep in our own bed this wknd... eventually it will be moved around.

Our living room and the doorway to the kitchen/dining area

Living area with two of my greatest loves... Justin & Snickers

More living area

Doorway from kitchen into the living area. HUGE windows!!!

Our kitchen table, pots & pans, and storage area

The back door, and Snickers' stuff

Freezer/Kitchen/Snickers' stuff

KITCHEN!!! I LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!! IT'S A REAL FULL SIZED STOVE! In our old apartment the stove was tiny!



So there you have it... the new home of Justin & Sarah Massey. YAY!!!

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