It's About Time!

Go figure. I told the lawyers I was leaving... and they start appreciating the work that I do. I get compliments and thank yous... ha. Like it'll make me stay! It's hilarious how hard they're trying to keep me here... maybe they should have thought of this before I decided to move! For instance... I was putting together an estate planning package for one of the attorneys today. I had to scan in all their documents, make copies, place each individual original into a cover w/label, hole punch all the copies, make labels for the notebooks they would go in, make a table of contents, tabs, letter to the clients, & a receipt. Takes a good 2 hours. Well these were his exact words after reviewing my work, "This package is perfect, I'm really going to miss your work Sarah." Perfect, OFCOURSE it's perfect, I'm a perfectionist, and it's like EVERY other package I've made... and I NEVER got a thank you for those! UGH. Lawyers. I hope I never need one.

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Janelle said...

Oh my sweet Sarah. How ironic, yet often the case. Just be reminded though that "well done my good and faithful servant" will be the ULTIMATE compliment. I know you will hear that and it will be WELL worth the work and wait. Be encouraged my friend.