11 Months

I'm a day late... you'll forgive me right? So yea, Boogie is 11 months old as of yesterday. I can't believe it! It's been almost a year already?!?!? I have taken a few pictures of her, but mainly to see which outfits we want to use for our Christmas cards, so I won't be sharing any pictures except for our "every day" pictures once I get them uploaded. Boogie is turning into such a beautiful, sweet, and hilarious little girl. She consistently calls me 'mama' and is starting to connect J with 'dada', and much to my mother's dismay she still refuses to say 'nene'. LOL. (I think she's doing it on purpose!) She says 'hi!', 'hey', 'bye', 'kiki' (kitty), 'moo', 'boo' (boob or aka mommy milk), 'papa', 'baby', 'buhbye', 'bye'... and I think that's it. 'Moo' and 'baby' are her most recent, and EVERYTHING is 'baby', but if you ask her where her baby is she'll find her baby doll, lol!

Let's see... what else? She's starting to sleep much better, we have our rough nights obviously, but on most nights she only wakes up 2-3 times and sometimes she allows J to put her to sleep and doesn't nurse! She consistently nurses at LEAST once in the middle of the night, but other than that she does pretty well (and others she nurses EVERY wake up). She gets up between 5 or 6 unfortunately... I was praying for a late riser and thought she was going to be one since she slept til 9 when we co-slept! Oh well... at least I have more room to sleep now right? Naps aren't going as well, at this point I have pretty much given up on her napping in her crib because she doesn't sleep more than 20-45 minutes, she stays grumpy all day after such a crummy nap, and I don't get anything done anyways. So... she sleeps on me on the couch, and I usually nap with her since she wakes up so stinking early! While I wish she would sleep in her crib for naps, I know eventually she will and for now this is what's working and both mommy and baby are happier!

Boogie is still eating wonderfully, she pretty much eats whatever we eat with the exception of a few things like peanut butter, dairy (except baby yogurt and cheese), nuts, honey, and citrus (mainly because I just haven't bought any since it's kind of out of season, lol!). She gets water in a straw cup during meals and snacks and the rest of the time she nurses. Nursing varies for her... typically she nurses 6-8 times a day but because of some tummy issues this past week she's nursed a LOT more than that, but that means she's staying hydrated so that's okay for now!

At the moment Boogie is still in 18 month clothing, she still fits in some 12 month clothing but some (especially Carter's brand) fit strangely over her diaper. With the exception of those few 12 month items and a pair of 6-9 month jeans that fit PERFECT, she's in all 18 months with plenty of room to grow. She's not a walker yet so we don't do shoes often, but at the moment she's in a size 2, sometimes 3 depending on the type of shoe.

And speaking of walking.... Boogie is now taking 6-7 steps unassisted. It's amazing! She's so proud of herself and claps along with us when we cheer her on! She's so precious!

Favorite toys... I'll just post pics of her favorites!
 This is Abby, she's from the Pottery Barn Kids

Who doesn't like Veggie Tales? Boogie loves the star (it sings) and the cow the best. (Hence her new "moo" word)

And Boogie's favorite book... she loves to kiss the babies!

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