CLOSED!!!!!! Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes Mascara.... with a GIVEAWAY!

As a BzzAgent I am given the opportunity to try and test out new and exciting products... and today I get to share with YOU one of these great products! But we'll get to the giveaway at the end of this blog!

First up is the Baby Lips Lip Balm... it is AMAZING. I'm a Burt's Bee's girl, and I have to say that is a great substitute, maybe even a replacement! It goes on incredibly smooth, it keeps my lips moisturized and soft ALL day, and my lips have yet to get chapped in this chilly weather! I was given 5 different lip balms to try including Quenched, Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Peppermint, and Peach Kiss. Quenched is a tint free balm with a fruity scent, it's one of my favorites! Pink Punch is a medium pink tinted balm, the color is GREAT and the scent reminds me of lemonade. Just a hint of pink to brighten your lips with all the perks of a lip balm. Cherry Me is my least favorite of the bunch, I don't wear a lot of tinted gloss or lipstick, and this is the balm with the most intense color. It's RED, and it goes on and makes your lips RED... yea, not my thing, but it smells heavenly! Peppermint is another tint free balm, and with Christmas just around the corner the scent is PERFECT! Last, but not least, is Peach Kiss. It's tinted with a peachy pinkish orange... that's the best way to describe it really, but it goes on without much of a tint. It has more of a nice shimmer and like all the rest the peachy scent is delish!

Facts about Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm (taken Official Bzz Agent Guide):
  • renews lips to their natural condition in four weeks
  • combines 8 hours of hydration with an optional color tint
  • available in 2 clear varieties (as I mentioned above, these include Quenched and Peppermint) and 4 tinted varieties (I tried all but Grape Vine)
  • clinically proven to provide comfort and relief to stressed, dry skin
  • protects against damage from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • available at mass retailers for $3.99
This lip balm is phenomenal, it has shea butter to help repair damaged lips become soft and moisturized again, a vitamin complex to help restore cells, and centella that aids in plumping and hydrating your lips naturally!

Next up is the Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara. What make up I do wear always consists of mascara... it's just my thing. I can't remember a time when I didn't see a pink tube of mascara in my mom's makeup and I have followed in her footsteps by using the same kind! I love how full this mascara makes my lashes, I don't get any clumps, and it reaches each and every lash with it's unique brush. 

Facts about Great Lash Lots of Lashes (taken from Bzz Agent Guide):
  • American's most iconic mascara brand introduces a new innovative applicator brush - The Great Little Grabber!
  • Easily reaches the inner and outer corners of the eye
  • Builds your lash look with no clumps
  • Available in 3 washable shades
  • Available at mass retailers for $6.40

The shade I was given to try is Very Black, and not only did I love it and plan on buying some in the future... but I also have TWO to give away! That's right, TWO. Want to win one? It's easy to do! 

The Giveaway!!!! CLOSED!



HannahMarie said...

Hiiii Sarah!
I think I should win because, like you, I always wear mascara. Alll the time. And I'd love to try a new kind!

LindsayPBJ said...

I'd like to win because as a stay at home to 2 children SO close in age, I don't have time for myself. I never think to pick up make-up, as I'm always in the baby section of a store instead. It'd be nice to just have some mascara and lip balm for when I need a boost of self-confidence.

Anonymous said...

id love to win bc mascara is the one piece of makeup i cant leave the house without. Also my lips are really chapped from the cold weather. thanks for the chance!

pokergrl8 at

Anonymous said...

i follow you on twitter @aes529

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Anonymous said...


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Amy said...

I think I should win because I wear mascara every day and the mascara I have loved for several years by L'Oreal was discontinued, so I am on the hunt for a new kind!

arboyd at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I follow you on Twitter (I'm @Mom4Miss)

arboyd at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

daily tweet!/aes529/status/138393835297452032
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Courtney Moser said...

I would love to win because I am always using some type of lip balm, and I just ran out of mascara ;)

Christa said...

I shouldn't win because I'm also participating in this. I mean, I SHOULD win because I'm addicted to this mascara and will eventually use up the ones I have. Everyone knows that I have a problem with free things. I'm a CoverGirl girl....

Heidi Nebel said...

Mmm! Lip balm. I love lip balm. I always have at least 3 handy.