Yesterday (Thursday) was a complete nightmare... well, maybe not a complete nightmare, but it definitely wasn't the best day either. Boogie is teething, we're pretty sure her canines are coming in, and she may just be on the brink of walking, but who knows with her. We know she'll just randomly start walking, that's how she does EVERYTHING! She pretty much cried and screamed all day, even with her baltic amber wrapped around her chubby little ankle, she was still miserable. Many times I just wanted to cry because there was nothing I could do! Now that the day is over and she's asleep (thank goodness) I am able to reflect on the day and remind myself that this time two years ago I thought I might not ever even get to experience my child teething or crying for me. So I'm thankful. Boogie is my world, she drives me batty some days, but she is a miracle! Now... if I could just get my brain to slow down enough for me to get some sleep when she does that would be another miracle!

In other news... we are going to see the inside of the house we're praying for this Saturday. Everything seems to be falling into place and I would love to get out of this loud apartment building. Moving is stressful, and I'm a little worried about how Boogie will handle it... but we're ready for the change and the challenge. So much has changed this past year it's unreal! We've grown our family by 2 little feet, adopted out 8 furry little feet to a wonderful couple who just adore them, J has finished his class (now we're just waiting for him to take his final and then his final final... or his certifying exam lol), and I'm figuring out this whole stay at home mom thing. I'm learning to love to cook, I don't dread cleaning as much as I did before... and I'm very VERY excited about the wonderful things I will be able to do with Boogie when we're able to start Tot School and Home School with her!

Anyways, enough of this random talk. I know my blog entries have all been random and jumbled lately, but really that's just how my brain is working lately, so bare with me!

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