Poop Happens.

Yea, I said poop. I don't curse, otherwise I'd say something else! I have never been more sick of changing poopy nasty diapers than this week... I have even been tempted to just go buy a box of disposables until this tummy thing is OVER! But I KNOW that those sposies would never hold all this poo like her cloth do. Ay yi yi. I have gone through more cloth this week than when Boogie was a newborn... I've washed 4 loads of diapers already this week.... and on a normal week I'd have just now washed a 3rd load.... but today. I'll be washing the 5th load. Ew. What's worse is that Boogie NEVER poops at night, but now because of this bug or whatever it is she has, she sleeps a 4-5 hour stretch (which is AWESOME), wakes up to nurse, and then poops. Then what does she do? She's up for the day... there's no getting this girl back to sleep. So we've been up since 4am, I've got a load of clothes washing... and as soon as those are done, her next load of diapers will be washed. Boogie's watching a Veggie Tales movie while I drink a glass of water and pretend it has loads of caffeine in it and pray that in about an hour or two we can both lay on the couch and take a long LONG nap.

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