Blessed Beyond Measure

I know that everyone has moments of doubt. We all doubt that God is doing what is RIGHT for us. I struggled with this a LOT when we were trying to get pregnant. I feared the worst and blamed God for not allowing me to become a mother... then when I finally let go and LET God do His thing, I got pregnant. Seriously, not even two weeks after this epiphany and letting God just do His job, and I was pregnant. Amazing right? So then why do I continue to have moments of doubt? Justin got a new job but it wasn't bringing in much more money than his previous job! BUT THEN, he got promoted. Have I told you that yet? Yea, promotion to a cook's position with MUCH much MUCH better pay. This month we're even getting additional paychecks... let me explain. When J got this new job they were receiving bids for a new company to take over the food services department... that has now happened and because of the way the pay periods fell it just so happens that the past companies pay period overlapped with the new companies... hence the extra paychecks. Perfect timing! And so much more keeps happening, God continues to bless us. I need to let go more often and stop stressing out so much!

How's that for a good ramble?

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