I have never been more happy to see a solid poop in my life. Boogie has had diarrhea for two weeks... count them. One. Two. Weeks. This is one time when cloth diapering truly is gross. Ew. But thank the Lord... Boogie is better and she had a nice solid poop for me to change this evening! As Madea would say... Hallelujer!

I have a lot of pride when it comes to being a mother, I'm so proud of this beautiful little girl I'm raising and that God has entrusted into mine and Justin's care... but some days when she truly shows her colors, her ornery, stubborn, just like her momma colors... ugh. Our apartment is very much baby proofed. Yea, I'm one of those mom's. I'm not okay with just letting my kid explore the entire apartment, especially considering how much Boogie gets into in just ONE room that is baby proofed. She's incredibly curious and thinks it's funny to make momma say "no!" Our entertainment center is low, so Boogie has full access to the DVD/VHS player, the Wii, the satellite box, and the movies.... she loves to drag out all the movies, and once that is done she insists on sticking her hands in the VHS player, pushing the buttons on the satellite box, and trying to pull the Wii off the shelf. NOTHING distracts her, not even BOO MILK. Seriously. I've tried everything. Time out, moving her away and focusing her attention on something else. Doesn't matter... she goes right back to the TV and starts messing with stuff. Oh child! So, as I type this, Boogie is sitting in my lap pitching a fit because one, she got her fingers stuck in the VHS player for the umpteenth time today and two, mommy won't let her nurse (she's nursed enough for about 6 babies today).

Anyways... hallelujer for solid poop and ugh ugh ugh for stubborness!

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Rebecca Bany said...

When I tell my husband how stubborn mine are being he says, "they are acting just like their mom". Funny thing is, they really are. LOL.