What A Year It Has Been!

Just to forewarn you, this post may be a little lengthy!

This week has been crazy! We wanted to have Boogie open one gift with us before all of the festivities so one day last week we allowed her to open one of her Christmas gifts... a ball. She did so great tearing the paper off! We started off the weekend on Friday with a family dinner at Justin's grandmother's house with his entire family. Boogie and her new little cousin Andrew are the first great grandchildren for J's nanny so I know she was delighted that both little ones could be there. Boogie was fascinated by Andrew, he's around 2 months old, maybe 3, she just pointed and said "baby!" I think when the time is right she will make a wonderful big sister! She received a little teapot set from Nanny for Christmas. From there we went to J's parents to exchange gifts. Boogie received lots of wonderful things including lots of little cars from Papa Grey, a play vacuum, a toy picnic basket, and lots of other fun goodies!

On Saturday J had to work most of the day, so Boogie and I spent the afternoon with my mom and dad. We helped her get the house ready for my dad's family who were coming over for our annual Christmas Eve festivities. All the children get gifts, so that included Boogie and her 4 cousins of varying ages. She received lots of fun goodies from her great aunts and cousins! After everyone left we exchanged gifts with my parents and brother, and mom really outdid herself! She made Boogie a Raggedy Ann Doll, all of us pj's, two blankets, and even a diaper bag for me! Boogie also received lots of cute owl clothes (even I received lots of owl goodies!) and a few things from her Great Aunt Amy.

On Sunday (Christmas Day) J had to work most of the day again, but luckily he didn't have to go in until 9:30 so we were able to celebrate Christmas that morning. We got Boogie a Noah's Ark play set, a Dino Ball Popper, lots of blocks, puzzles, books, and a few other fun things. She really got into opening presents this past weekend, I was a little worried she'd be disinterested, but she loved it! Nene and Papaw (my parents) came over to spend some time with Boogie and I while J was at work, so that was nice to have a little company. I won't lie though, it was still annoying and depressing that J had to work all day, but Boogie and I had a blast playing with all of her new toys nonetheless!

Monday night I attempted to make cupcakes from scratch for Boogie's 1 year photos... and to practice for her birthday. That didn't work out so well. Let's just say that I will be making cupcakes from a box mix and practicing many many many times next year before her 2nd birthday! Either way... the cupcakes turned out yummy and cute, and on Tuesday morning Boogie had a ball eating that cupcake! Boogie and I spent the rest of the day at my mom's working on birthday decor. We made tissue pom-pom's, a Happy Birthday banner, a timeline banner, and mom is going to make her a "1" shirt for her party on Saturday.

OK, so enough for updating you on the past week. TODAY was Boogie's 1st birthday! Oh, how much my little one has grown, I can't believe it! My little 5lb 13oz girl born a year ago at 9:07pm has grown into a beautiful, smart, and mischievous little girl. She lights up my world and continues to teach me about life, love, and what it means to be a family. She is still trying to figure out this whole walking thing, but really she isn't all that interested. She's too busy crawling, laughing, playing, and nursing to care much about whether she should walk or not! She is going to be a talkative little one, she is constantly learning new words. She is SO smart! She's really into cows right now, and baby dolls... she loves cheese, mommy milk, and I definitely think she will be a girly girl. She loves beads and shiny sparkly ribbons. She is still nursing a lot, both for nourishment and comfort. She eats like a pro, the only thing she isn't a fan of right now is raspberries. Pretty much anything else I put in front of her is fair game.

I just can't believe how quickly this last year has flown by. I miss a lot about the newborn stage, but I must say that this 1 year old stage is so fun! We are looking forward to her birthday party on Saturday, I'm sure it will be a blast with our families and friends. I'll update again with pictures and details from her party sometime this weekend! And then next Tuesday is her 1 year checkup, so I will of course update with her stats as well! Until then... here's a little timeline from this year :)

Brand New

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

1 YEAR!!!!!

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Wildali said...

This is awesome! Such a beautiful girl! Has the amber necklace worked? I am tempted to get one for my DD.