FIVE Years!

It's been five glorious, hardworking, miraculous, stressful, loving years of marriage with my wonderful husband! We have done so much in these past five years, and while we're not quite where we want to be RIGHT now, we are headed in that direction! So what's happened in these past five years? Well, we moved to Tennessee... and back to NC, we had a beautiful little girl, we both went back to school (in different forms, but I'm proud of BOTH us!), and Justin went bald... BAHAHAHA! So much more than that has happened, and I'm in awe of how much we have come through. Not every year was great, we faced a lot of hardships along the way... I think that comes with being a young married couple sometimes. I look back and think... WOW, I was NINETEEN years old when I got married. I was a baby! But I'm SO glad I took that leap and married this incredible man. He is everything I've ever wanted and has become a phenomenal father to our children. Who knew that when we said our vows back then that we would have a precious, precocious almost two year old running around and expecting another bundle of joy five years later? There's so much more I could go on and on about, but instead I'm just going to share some pics from our wedding day. I love you babe, you are my bald knight in shining armor ;-)

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