UNREAL Candy Review and GIVEAWAY!

I was given the opportunity to review this amazing candy brand! Unreal candy is devoid of artificial ANYTHING, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils. The chocolate is REAL, the peanut butter is REAL, the caramel is REAL, even the colors for the candy coated bites are from completely natural sources! How awesome is that? 
I used our coupons to get one of each candy for J and I to try... and Boogie tried some too! 
First up is...

This is Unreal 5 (red) and Unreal 8 (purple). The purple is a chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar and here is the nutritional info for you:
5g fiber
5g protein
90mg sodium
12g fat
17g sugar
200 calories
SO good. It's similar to a Snickers bar, but the flavor is outstanding! The perfect balance of sweet and salty! The red is a chocolate caramel nougat bar, so essentially the same as the purple but without the peanuts. It's similar to a Milky Way, this was J's favorite. Here's the nutritional info for this bar:
5g fiber
4g protein
130mg sodium
7g fat
19g sugar
170 calories

Next, we tried the peanut butter cups, aka the Unreal 77.

This wasn't J's favorite, however he is used to sweetened, processed peanut butter. The peanut butter in these cups is absolutely REAL. It's NOT smooth, so the texture may throw you off a bit, but they were SO good. Nutritional info:
3g fiber
5g protein
115mg sodium
12g fat
11g sugar
190 calories

Last, but definitely not least, we tried the candy coated chocolate pieces.

The top bag is Unreal 41 (blue), these are similar to plain M&M's. This is the one we let Boogie try... let's just say she is a HUGE HUGE... HUGE fan. She kept signing "more" and saying "pwetty pweety pwease more!" J is NOT a fan of M&M's, but he did say that they are better than M&M's, but he prefers the nougat bars! I thought these were delicious! The chocolate is so yummy, and the colors are amazing! I wish I had taken a picture of the pieces, they have a natural look to them, they are not bright and vivid like M&M's but more earth like tones. Nutritional info for Unreal 41:
3g fiber
4g protein
35mg sodium
10g fat
19g sugar
190 calories

The bottom bag is Unreal 54 (green) and these are similar to Peanut M&M's. These were MY favorite. Sweet and salty are a pregnant lady's best friend! Even J thought these were pretty good! Nutritional info:
3g fiber
6g protein
20mg sodium
11g fat
16g sugar
200 calories

So... I highly HIGHLY recommend this candy, and guess what? I have THREE coupons to share! These coupons are BOGO Free! And one lucky winner will receive all three coupons so that they can try all five flavors and get an extra pack to share! These candy bars are about $1.19 at CVS, but you can also find them at several different locations including: Michaels, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid and several more stores!  Head on over to Get Unreal to learn more about this new candy brand! If you'd like a chance to try this candy with some great coupons just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. You have until September 20th to enter!

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I am a BzzAgent and by being a BzzAgent I am given many opportunities to try and review different products. I am under no obligation to give products or coupons away, I do so because I want to share! All opinions are MY OWN!


moo77hb said...

The PB cups!

Anne N. said...

The purple is a chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar.

OtterKim said...

They all sound great, love to try the peanut butter cups

daytodayMOMents said...

All of them. :)

Adrian said...

The purple chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar.

Weight Loss Momma said...

The peanut butter cups and the chocolate candy pieces